Something To Make My Hair Grow. Finally!

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having long luscious hair that would tumble over my shoulders and reach the middle of my back, but for some reason I have never been able to get it past ‘just over the shoulder’. Which is why I was super pleased to have stumbled upon Nisim, herbal hair products that are scientifically proven to help your hair grow fast as well has reduce excessive hair loss.
Nisim was developed in Canada and is available in over 60 countries worldwide. Since their launch to consumers in 1993, their popularity has grown (excuse the pun) largely due to the fact that they cater for hair loss in men and women, as well as those looking for rapid hair growth. Something else that makes them special is the fact that their NewHair Biofactors are based on safe and natural ingredients gained by extracting the active herbs used in their products.
Amped to get started, I browsed through their range, and decided to go with the 360ml Nisim F.A.S.T (Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy) Shampoo and Conditioner.
F.A.S.T is packed with all sorts of organic herbs and essential amino acids that promote quicker hair growth in less time and is suitable for chemically treated or coloured hair. Having had a Brazilian blow wave two months ago, I also opted for the sulphate free version.
According to Nisim, if you’ve had a bad haircut and want to grow it out quickly then F.A.S.T is the product to use!
The day before I started using F.A.S.T, I coloured and trimmed my hair to make sure that I was starting with a base length (I take myself way too seriously sometimes.)
The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell. I’ve always placed a huge importance on the smell of my hair products, and you’ll often see me in the hair care section of any store smelling each and every product I’m thinking of buying. It’s one of those weird things I have.
After about three weeks of using the product, I was somewhat doubtful because I couldn’t see much difference, but I soldiered on.
It has now been six weeks and I am beyond impressed with the results. There is about a 5cm growth spurt that I have never been able to achieve in six weeks.
On the left is Week 1 (before I started) and to the right is Week 6.
I’m wearing the same jacket, so use the line pointed
out by the arrows as an indication.
As you can see, my results are not astounding, and I’m glad. I think it’s a true testament to a product that shows realistic results. Any product that tells you your hair is going to grow 10cm in one month is lying to you. This is a process, not a one-month fix.
Now my next statement is very important. Stop what you’re doing and read this: if you want to get the full benefit of F.A.S.T, you must follow every direction on the bottle.
That is:
1. Wash your hair every day – I won’t lie, I found this to be difficult and time consuming, but worth it in the end.
2. Shampoo, rinse and repeat (do not skip this part!)
3. Conditioner must be left on for no less than one minute (you can leave it on even longer if you wish, for a deeper condition).
4. Shampoo and conditioner must be massaged deeply into the scalp, which helps to increase blood circulation.
I cannot stress enough how important these direction are, if you don’t follow them, then you’re wasting your time and money.
Some other pointers from me:
– You don’t need use more than a 50c coin size of shampoo. And your conditioner, maybe a R5 coin size. This way you don’t waste any product and it can last you up to seven or eight weeks.
– You can use other products on your hair after washing, like gel or a mousse (I used Moroccan Oil on my ends after every wash just for a bit of extra moisturisation, and then blow dryed/styled my hair as normal.)
– Once you stop using the product, your normal hair growth rate will resume.
All in all, my hair is in great condition – I found the products to be superbly moisturising and softening. Better yet, I’m delighted to finally have found something that works for me and plan on using Nisim until I get to my “Dream” length.
Price-wise, as you can imagine, it’s not cheap, but will also not cost you a lung and half a liver. You are paying for only the best quality at the end of the day!
The F.A.S.T sulphate free combo pack with shampoo and conditioner (360ml) will cost R450. While you can also get a jumbo size (1000ml) shampoo and conditioner for R585 each.
They also have a few other products available like: hair loss shampoos and conditioners (suitable for men and women), as well as tablets for hair loss, an organic body and skin care range and a hair removal product suitable for the face and bikini line.
Nisim is available at selected salons, but you can also buy direct from them.

Check out their website for the full range and prices. 


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