TanOrganic – The World’s First and Only Eco-Certified Self Tanning Brand is here in South Africa


Bronzed and beautifulA few weeks ago I visited the Professional Beauty Expo and one particular brand stood out, TanOrganic!

I had been looking for an organic self-tan for aaaages and TanOrganic couldn’t have hit our shores any sooner.

Not only are their ingredients so good for your skin, but when I used the TanOrganic Self-Tan sample pack for press, my resulting tan was natural looking, faded perfectly and was everything I search for in a self-tan.

Below is more official info on TanOrganic and the difference between their Self-Tan and Self-Tanning Oil – yes, there’s a difference.

Visit their website for more info, other divine products (I LOVE the sound of their Dry Oil), and prices and to shop online www.tanorganic.co.za

And make sure you check out the Tan Bag Packs, which would make for a really nice Christmas gift.

PS. Pregnant women would love this because there’re no harmful ingredients your body will absorb.

PPS. Do you ever watch the show “Dragons Den” on DSTV? Well, guess what, this is one of the successful companies who’ve made it from the show. So lovely to see them in real-life action :)

PPPS. You’ll start seeing more and more luxury brand beauty products hitting our review pages. Keep your eyes peeled mmmkay.




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