Review by A2 Magazine: DANNÈ Montague-King Enzyme Treatment


3A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to attend a media event in Dunkeld, Johannesburg for DANNÈ Montague-King paramedical skin care products. I was even luckier to be seated next to the man, Danne Montague-King himself from Beverly Hills during lunch – a vibrant, charismatic man with so much experience and knowledge to share.

We chatted about SO many things; the DMK brand, the A2 Magazine brand, aesthetics in general and I absorbed every word he said like an eager little sponge. I think what I loved most was his unwavering passion for really great skin care for his customers – no frills, just friggin good quality products and treatments that get results.


Danne Montague-King giving a talk to us media folk.

Following that event I received a voucher to try out one of DMK’s signature treatments and I couldn’t wait…

What did I review?

The DMK Enzyme Treatment.

Enzyme Therapy is DMK’s signature skin revision treatment designed to rapidly restore health and natural functioning of your skin, increasing oxygenation and enabling it to perform at its peak condition, leaving you with a radiant complexion.

Where was it?

DMK headquarters in Kelvin, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Treatment room at DMK South Africa headquarters.

Treatment room at DMK South Africa headquarters.

What was my experience?

I’d never really been for a paramedical facial treatment before and I had no idea what to expect. Overall, it’s a no fluff treatment that gets straight to the point. While most facials in salons are uber-relaxing and good for your skin, what makes this DMK treatment unique is that it’s results driven. Meaning, it’s more focused on your skin than about a spa experience if that makes sense. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a pampering experience but its focus is just different.

The treatment comprises of lots of preparation of the skin, making sure all the following products are able to penetrate and treat your skin.

Skin Prep

Skin Prep

After all the prep, ‘Quick Peel’ is applied. The main ingredient of this is the cassia nut which causes a false heat – purging the skin and bringing a fresh supply of oxygen to the skin cells, which in turn boosts a nutrients supply to the cells as well. This burns A LOT, but it lasts about a minute or so and fanning my face with a Chinese Fan helped to keep me comfortable.

Once the “fireball” product was removed, I looked like this:

My skin after the Quick Peel was removed. The redness is a result of the blood rushing to the surface.

My skin after the Quick Peel was removed. The redness is a result of the blood rushing to the surface.

It’s not as painful as it looks. Promise!

Lindsay, my lovely DMK therapist, then moved onto the actual Enzyme part of the treatment. It feels like a gel is being applied, however as the product dries your face begins to pull and get tighter – my skin then started pulsating.

I can hear you chuckling... This is the actual Enzyme Treatment - as you can see it hardens and "pulls" your face.

I can hear you chuckling… This is the actual Enzyme Treatment – as you can see it hardens and “pulls” your face.

Apparently this is the purpose of the treatment, to draw the blood to the surface and strengthen the skin layers. This stays on for 40mins after which the treatment is removed and your face feels like a nice big cup of relief and freshness.

A close up of the tightening.

A close up of the tightening.

After removing the mask, Lindsay then applied some of the DMK products, explaining what she was using and why.

What did I think?

Look, I was no Sleeping Beauty during the treatment, but I absolutely adored the way my skin looked and felt immediately after the treatment and isn’t that what’s all about anyway?

What did I like about it?

The immediate results.

Anything I didn’t like?

The scariness that is my face in the above photo.

Who is it for?

The Enzyme Facial Treatment is perfect for those looking for an anti-ageing facial that actually works.

What does it cost?

Between R550 and R750 – depending on where you go.

Where can you get it?

I recommend getting in touch with DMK South Africa headquarters; they’ll be able to direct you to a clinic in your area. Call them 011 262 6120 or email

Anything else you should know?

  • It’s a two-hour treatment, so prepare to take the time out to dedicate to this treatment.
  • Expect minimal flaking as dead skin cells shed. Don’t be scared by this statement, when I say “minimal” it really is… in fact no one would even notice except you.
  • Even though you see results after just one treatment, it’s recommended to have about 6 to 10 treatments for optimum and longer lasting effects – these treatments could be monthly or every 6 weeks for maintenance.

Their details:




Phone 011 262 6120

My face before and after the Enzyme Treatment.

My face before and after the Enzyme Treatment.



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