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logoAs you can tell I’ve been review ca-ray-zay lately. I really thought when Michelle and I relaunched the A2 Blog in July this year that we’d have a slow time gathering cool content and products to review, but the truth is the exact opposite. There’re SO many internationally acclaimed, fabulous and quality products and treatments available to South Africans. We’re honestly not as far behind in the aesthetics and anti-ageing arena as people think we are  and we just can’t help but share all this wonderful info with you special readers.

With that said, a lovely find is the MIO fit skin for life Range – I went to an event of theirs a couple of weeks back and I adore the way their range is likened to exercise: their Fit Skin and High Intensity Body Treatments will most definitely intrigue you…

What did I review?

The MIO Fit Skin Trial Pack – which comprises of the:

  • Boob Tube+®multi-action bust firmer 30 ml – strengthens, moisturises and nourishes dry, stressed skin.
  • The Activist™firming active body oil 30 ml – keeps crinkles at bay so your décolleté stays smooth.
  • Workout Wonder®invigorating muscle motivating gel 30 ml – energises, cools and revives muscles instantly.
This pack actually makes for a GREAT Christmas or end of year gift.

This pack actually makes for a GREAT Christmas or end of year gift.


What was my experience?

I used all the products daily, eventually leaving them upside down so I could scrounge every last drop until they ran out. Enough said.

My favourite out of the bunch was the Workout Wonder and the Activist Body Oil. I do some form of exercise daily whether it is a slow run or weight training and it was truly wonderful to smother my muscles with Workout Wonder. The coolness on my muscles felt amazing! The body oil was super moisturising and absorbed pretty quickly, and the smell was like a fresh shower all day.

I used the Body Oil so quickly I didn't manage to get a photo of it with the family trio.

I used the Body Oil so quickly I didn’t manage to get a photo of it with the family trio.

What did I think overall?

I love these products. Not only do they smell delicious, they feel delicious too. The range is something I would spend money on personally.

What else did I like about it?

My favourite thing about the Mio Fit Skin range is as they put it “no nasties in the ingredients”. They don’t say they’re organic or natural – rather, Mio promise to make every product the most potent, most effective and the cleanest it could be. In fact, the ingredients are so clean that many of the products can be applied to both the face AND body.

Anything I didn’t like?

They can be a little pricey but their quality is exceptional.

Who is it for?

The Mio Fit Skin range is most certainly targeted at women who care about their health and wellness.

What does it cost?

Mio Fit Skin Kit (X1) costs R 650.

Where can you get it?

I recommend getting in touch with Poise Brands (distributors of the Mio range in South Africa) – they’ll be able to tell you exactly where you can buy the ranges

Anything else you should know?

Mio Liquid Yoga AwardYes – the Liquid Yoga Restorative Bath Soak has won an international award for this innovative product. I haven’t used it myself personally, but if the scent from the bottle and word of mouth are anything to go by, this might be the product I try next!

Something else you should be aware of if you aren’t already is the Mama Mio Range (their signature Pregnancy line) is definitely something every expecting mom should know about and explore. The products are targeted at keeping stretch marks at bay and leaving your skin feeling healthy throughout and after pregnancy.

Their details:

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