Review by A2 Magazine: Esse Organic Skin Care Range


1What did I review?

Esse Organic Skincare range comprising of:

  • Esse Cream Cleanser
  • Esse Toner
  • Esse Rich Moisturiser 

What did I like about the products?

I love the fact that the ingredients in all Esse products are from natural origin, organic farming, fair trade and are cruelty free.

The Esse products I used were EXTREMELY moisturising for my skin, especially the Rich Moisturiser! I had no bad reactions on my face using the cleanser and toner and I’m keen to try out the other ranges. I have that delicious looking Cocoa range in mind!

The pack of Esse products I received

The pack of Esse products I received

Anything I didn’t like?

To be completely honest with you, I couldn’t make out if the Rich Moisturiser was meant for my face or my body. The packaging suggested “face” but the details I found when researched suggested “body”. So I tried both. It was way too rich for the skin on my face and resulted in over-oilyness, but when used on my hands, elbows and heels, it was superbly moisturising.

Who is it for?

The Esse range is not only ideal for the earth conscious, but also for vegans or those with an organic lifestyle preference. The range is also perfect for those that suffer from sensitivity, burning eyes etc… caused by harsh chemicals in some skin care brands.

What does it cost?

I buy these products online from a store called – at this store the products cost:

Esse Cream Cleanser (200ml) – R300


Esse Toner (100ml) – R180


Esse Rich Moisturiser (50ml) – R380


(Please note, prices may vary slightly depending on where you buy).

Where can you get it?

Click here to view Esse’s official list of stockists.

I personally buy a lot of my organic products (food and skincare) from the and the Wellness Warehouse in Joburg’s Bedfordview Village Centre (the one with the Rodizio in it), or buy from them online.

Anything else you should know?

Yes, you should also click here to see what else is in their skin care range.

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