Review by A2 Magazine: Placecol Regenerating Treatment with CEYA


1A couple of months ago I was treated to one of Placecol’s Signature treatments. It was probably one of the nicest afternoon’s I’ve had in a while…

What did I review?

The Placecol Regenerating Treatment (Full Face) with CEYA – a facial designed with CEYA technology to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles with the aid of the Placecol specialised skin care range.

In short, it’s a normal facial but with the added benefit of technology and the dermaceutical help of Placecol’s skin care range.

Where was it?

The Placecol Branch in Norwood Mall (this branch is actually my personal go-to salon for any waxing or tinting I need. They’re close to home and I love those gals.

What was my experience?

There’s something very safe about beauty clinics that form part of a well-known beauty chain. You know for a fact that the therapists hired have been trained properly when it comes to treatments and interacting with clients. You can also be assured of a standard price across all branches and treatments as well as knowing that this is a company has been in the industry for over 15 years and if anyone’s got the experience, they do!

So back to my experience, as you know, I don’t mind taking the embarrassing no-make up, face all smeared with lotions approach to my reviews. I like to show you what it actually looks like rather than a stock image representation – so be sure to check out my photos below.

In terms of the “normal facial” part of the treatment, your skin is prepared with cleansing, toning, extracting etc followed by the CEYA portion of the treatment. A  gel is applied to help the soft laser glide over your skin. And by ‘soft laser’ we mean in the form of light therapy that is rolled over your skin in an upward motion, lifting and plumping your skin as it glides. Just to clarify, this is in no way painful.

What did I think?

It’s a lovely maintenance treatment to have in your skin care armoury and as I mentioned above, you could go to any Placecol branch, have the CEYA treatment and it would be the same price and procedure. This for me is great convenience. Sometimes I need to schedule things in where I can wherever I am. For example – right now I’m sitting at the hairdresser getting my hair done and working because life is hard and sometimes you need to have your hair coloured :)

What did I like about it?

This is a great value for money treatment with immediate ‘plump skin’ results and is easy and affordable to maintain monthly.

Anything I didn’t like?

To be completely honest, there isn’t much to dislike about any of these kinds of treatments. If you’ve ever been into a Placecol branch you’ll know that the staff are always friendly, the place is maintained and the therapists always know what they’re doing.

Who is it for?

Ideal for ladies (and men) who are more interested in non-invasive treatments to rejuvenate their ageing skin and to maintain skin integrity. 

What does it cost?

R445 per treatment.

Where can you get it?

Your nearest Placecol Branch – click here to view their store locator.

Anything else you should know?

Yes, you can buy their skin care range online. Click here to shop now. 

Their details:


Head office: +27 (0) 12 621 3300




The CEYA machine


Placecol Branch in Norwood Mall


Treatment room


Prepping the skin – cleansing


More prepping…


Face cleansed and ready to start the CEYA


You can see the gooey gel and Thandi (my therapist) going over my face with the CEYA. They do one half of the face at a time.


Moisturiser post CEYA


My skin straight after the treatment. PS. as always, don’t wash your hair before treatments like these, product inevitably gets into your hairline.



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