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1I have something new to share… it wasn’t meant to be a review, but I had the most brilliant experience and result with Body Sugaring at Sheer Touch Laser Hair Removal & Aesthetics Centre in Houghton that I simply cannot stop myself from sharing this uber-special treatment find. 

Firstly, what is Body Sugaring, you may ask?

Sugaring is a middle-Eastern alternative to waxing that uses an all natural paste derived from ingredients including sugar, lemon & water to remove the hair follicle from the root. The brand they use at Sheer Touch is called Pevonia.

Benefits to this hair removal technique include: easy removal of residue and expedited, more thorough hair removal, and reduced growth in some instances when sugaring over time.

In my own words, it’s a very thick yellowish transparent paste at room temperature handled by the therapist. She lays it on your skin in the direction of your hair growth, and then pulls it off in the same direction as your hair growth taking lots of your hair out with it. With me? In addition to the natural ingredients, it is this “with the hair growth” application and pulling that differentiates sugaring from waxing, and is what gives the great results.

What did I experience?

I was going to Mauritius and like any female, we go for a bikini wax before a beach holiday, right? Well, I was tight for time (the day before we flew) and had always wanted to try body sugaring. One of our journalists had reviewed the treatment in A2 Magazine last year and had raved about it! I called Sheer Touch that day and they managed to squeeze me in for an appointment in the afternoon. They’re also just down the road from my house, so all the stars were aligning.

I have no pictures of my experience to share with you, for two reasons:

  1. I was there in my personal capacity and had no intention of writing a review.  Only after three weeks have I decided that this was just too fabulous not to write a review about.
  2. Even if I did have pictures, it’s not exactly the area I can show before and afters of without losing the ability to look all of you in the eyes. I had a full Hollywood – for those of you who might know, that’s one step further than a Brazilian.
This is a stock image of body surgaring that I found. Not ideal, but at least it gives you some visual idea.

This is a stock image of body sugaring on someone’s legs that I found. Not ideal, but at least it gives you some visual idea of the paste.

Was it painful?

In the spirit of transparency, it was painful but nothing that popping a Nurofen+ beforehand can’t help with.

 What did I like about it?

  • The results.
  • 100% the amazing results with more thorough removal of hair experienced than with waxing.
  • I had some redness for about an hour after the treatment, but otherwise my skin is/was completely smooth with no redness.
  • No residue after sugaring.
  • No ingrown hairs.
  • No red bumps or skin irritation.
  • A long lasting treatment. Only after THREE weeks has one, or maybe three hairs have grown back. It’s quite unbelievable actually. And they’re growing back patchy and thinner.
  • The natural ingredients are such a good option.
  • It removes dead skin cells but not as harshly as waxing does, hence less redness and skin irritation.
  • I was charged the SAME price as my normal waxing place! Can you adam and eve it?? I’m jewish, and I LOVE better value at the same price.

What didn’t I like?

It takes a little longer than waxing, which can make enduring the hair removal process more harrowing. But if I can do it, then so can you. I’m a sissy.

What did it cost?

R260 for a full Hollywood (it says R240 on their price list but I don’t think this has been updated). Click here for their full price list.

Who is it for?

  • Anyone (male or female) who waxes.
  • Great option if you’re someone who’s allergic to wax ingredients.
  • An alternative for any hair removal method.

What else should you know?

Body Sugaring can be done on any part of the body.

And, because I like to cover all the bases for you, Sheer Touch offer other treatments and procedures:

  • Facial care
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stretch Mark, Cellulite, Varicose Veins & Fat Reduction
  • Hair removal (IPL, Laser, waxing and body sugaring)
  • Specialty facial and skin cares
  • Injectables (anti-wrinkle and fillers) with a doctor

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A look at Sheer Touch Laser  Clinic's Entrance

A look at Sheer Touch’s Entrance – they’re in the Aronia Spa


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