Dr Gobac Opens Their First Exclusive Medi-Salon


3Dr GOBAC® launches its specialised treatment clinic, dedicated to offering advanced skincare treatments and bespoke therapies. 

Dr GOBAC® identified the gap for a more medically defined yet non-aggressive beauty salon concept. The goal was to create a perfectly safe and strictly controlled medi-salon environment.  As a medical doctor himself, Dr Gobac understands the value of knowledge of safe hygiene protocols. He believes that only through continuous training can these standards be achieved. This is how the DR. GOBAC® SKIN BODY APOTHECARY philosophy was born.

Dr GOBAC® understands that each person is unique, and as such has created an environment where all needs can be met. Specialised facial treatments and body care have been developed to address a number of skin concerns. The range has never been about skin type, gender or race, but rather about stimulating and regulating the skin’s natural processes in order to treat, protect, balance and repair.


In line with the brand’s philosophy towards non-invasive, holistic therapies that promote a healthier more youthful appearance and an overall sense of well-being, this newly established clinic concept not only offers targeted skincare and body treatments with supporting homecare, but also a one-of-a-kind Apothecary-type service whereby bespoke remedies are mixed on-site according to the client’s specific requirements and concerns.


“Although we specialise in anti-ageing treatments, and this will always remain an important focus of the brand, we have introduced the Youth and TX ranges for young and problematic skin concerns, we have expanded our treatment offering to effectively address cellulite, stretch marks, slimming and detoxification, enabling us to cover every need and concern.”

“Brand new actives and superior technology are available to us, and we strive to translate these resources in the most effective and accessible ways,” he adds. “It is very exciting to see results after only a few sessions.”


Among the many new, result-driven treatments and products, the DR. GOBAC® Biorestore Needle-free face preparation and at-home treatment takes centre stage. This new dermo-intelligent addition to the DR. GOBAC® range offers the perfect non-surgical solution for a more lifted, voluminous, younger looking skin – a testament to Dr Gobac’s passion for non-aggressive anti-ageing therapies.

“Opening our own clinic was always a part of the brand strategy, and about three years ago we made a firm decision that this was what we wanted to do. Since then we have been working on expanding our professional and retail range of products and treatments,” says co-owner Melba Gobac.


“This medi-salon concept is the first of more to come. Our plan is to open more strategically positioned clinics,” she says. “In fact, we have already started planning our next locations.”

Get in Touch With Dr Gobac Skin Body Apothecary

Website: www.drgobac.co.za

Email: info@drgobac.co.za

Tel: 011 784 2422

Address: Summit Square – ground floor, 15 School Road, Morningside

Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrGobacCosmeceuticalswww.facebook.com/DRGOBACskinbodyapothecary

About Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals:

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals was developed by medical practitioner Dr Gobac who applied his expert knowledge on the histo-physiology of the skin, his involvement with cosmetic chemistry in terms of the formulation, research and development of premium brands, and his years of intense research on skin rejuvenation to develop this range of highly effective cosmeceutical products.

This range uses only the best possible ingredients and raw materials, which work synergistically to promote the skin’s own rejuvenation and repair mechanisms. The products enable the skin to function optimally rather than creating an optical illusion that does not deliver long-term results.

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals use of superior active ingredients and sophisticated delivery systems that transport these actives to targeted sites in the skin, is what makes this skin rejuvenation system so effective in promoting a longer term, more youthful appearance.


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