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1A misspent youth and ignorance as a youngster is no reason to give away your age. If you are approaching the naughty forties (or more), loved being outdoors during your youth and enjoyed (alas!) tanning without any sun protection, read on…

The smooth, blemish free skin of your youth is no longer what it used to be? Now is the time that you really start looking for a miracle, especially when the fifth bottle of ‘wonder cream’ hasn’t produced any visible improvement.

It is actually quite easy; pick up the phone and make an appointment with your Body Renewal specialist for the latest Fraxel™ DUAL laser treatment.


What makes the Fraxel™ DUAL Laser a game changer in skin rejuvenation?

  • The “Dual” Difference is unique in that it can treat areas off the face such as the neck, chest, hands and arms. In fact any area of the body can now be treated. This is especially relevant in South Africa where sun damage of these areas is so prevalent.
  • The new 1550 laser has advanced continuous motion scanning/ tracking which prevents “stacking” and “bulking” (this causes burn wounds as per the older technology). This continuous scanning controls delivery of energy to the skin and thus produces safe, consistent and uniform heating, minimizing post treatment side effects!
  • Two wavelengths to treat superficial and deep conditions individually and together.
  • Improved comfort through integrated cooling.
  • More efficient body treatments and larger areas can be treated in one session.

Which areas of the body will benefit from Fraxel™ DUAL Laser treatment?

The FDA approved Fraxel™ DUAL laser treatment is safe and effective for:


What is Fraxel™ DUAL Laser Treatment?

Fraxel™ DUAL laser treatment targets ageing and sun damaged skin by creating thousands of tiny treatment channels into the skin, whilst leaving healthy skin around them.

Old and damaged cells are removed from the outer skin layer on any area of the body. It also penetrates deeper into the dermis to stimulate production of new collagen, elastin, fibrin and hyaluronic acid that will regenerate and rejuvenate the areas being treated.

The secret of the Fraxel™ DUAL laser treatment is that it only treats a fraction of tissue at a time, leaving the rest of the skin intact, which promotes rapid healing. It resurfaces the skin by stimulating the growth of healthy and new skin cells from the inside out.


Will this Fraxel™ DUAL treatment last?

After a few sessions, spaced two to four weeks apart, the results will last as long as you take good care of your skin. At Body Renewal we will recommend which products will help maintain your skin’s healthy appearance for as long as possible. We have specially formulated and compounded a new body cream; Skin Renewal Body Cream, a 6 – in – 1 cream that contains Glycolic acid, Actiwhite, Arbutin, Delentigo, Vit A and Matrixyl (a super peptide) to lighten pigmented areas and to stimulate collagen.

As you age, it may be necessary for some maintenance; it is however important to avoid sun exposure and never go anywhere without sun protection.

What can I expect after treatment?

Remember the last time you got sun burnt? Well, straight after the Fraxel™ DUAL treatment you can expect a similar mild sunburn sensation that lasts for a few hours, after which you will experience some redness and swelling, depending on the treatment depth and sensitivity of your skin.

After a few days, skin will start to heal and the old cells will flake off, to be replaced by healthy new tissue.

Make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure and men are able to shave approximately twelve hours after treatment, hence there is very little downtime.


Are all Fraxels created equal?

There are four Fraxel lasers that have been developed in the last 13 years:

On the whole, all Fraxel Lasers, irrespective of the specific type applied, can deliver decent results in terms of improving fine lines and wrinkles. The newer, upgraded Fraxel™ DUAL has been developed to address pigmentation, acne scars as well as actinic keratosis in the same treatment.

  1. Fraxel Refine: The “Smurf Fraxel “, was the original, more gentle laser and although very safe, it obviously cannot come up with the same results compared to the other Fraxel Laser types. This laser in now discontinued.
  2. Fraxel Restoreis a non-ablative fractional erbium laser which is more powerful than the Refine, but still requires more treatment sessions (6 to 8 u) to create a noticeable difference. Fine lines, wrinkles, tone and texture are improved, but pigmentation is not satisfactorily treated with this laser. This laser in now discontinued.
  3. Fraxel™ DUALis the newest upgradededition of Fraxel Restore combined with a new laser wavelength, the 1970 Thulium laser which treats pigmentation and superficial sun cancers. Fraxel™ DUAL hits the Goldilocks sweet spot of Fraxels out there. It’s not “too cold” as per the Fraxel Refine and not “too hot” as per the Fraxel Repair. The newly upgraded 1550 / restore laser has cooling integrated and a continuous scanning device built into the hand piece which allows for more treatment comfort and less side effects. This laser has minimal downtime and targets wrinkles and texture as well as the pigmentary and precancerous spots in your skin.Fewer treatments are needed compared to the Fraxel Restore and Refine. All skin types can be treated.
  4. Fraxel Repairis a fractional carbon dioxide laser which penetrates deep into your skin to deliver more noticeable results. The downside is that it requires extended downtime of between 7 to 10 days (for face only) and is not suitable for the body treatments.

For more detailed information on this treatment visit our Fraxel™ DUAL webpage!

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