Review by A2 Magazine: DR GOBAC Biorestore Needle-Free Facial at the DR GOBAC Skin Body Apothecary


8We all know about DR. GOBAC Cosmeceuticals, right? If not, then I can’t be held responsible for you falling in love with me for introducing you to this range. I’ve previously used the DR GOBAC products at home, namely the Vitamin A serum, Biorestore serum, Night Lift and Day Cream, and loved all of them on my skin. I especially love that all their products are simple, easy to use, eco and health – friendly.

Aside from their products to use in your skin regime at home, DR GOBAC facials have always been available at Placecol salons and various other clinics and salons around the country. However, when I heard DR GOBAC was opening their very own medi-salon, The DR GOBAC Skin Body Apothecary, I knew I needed to test drive it asap.

What did I review?

The Biorestore Needle-Free Facial – an ideal anti-ageing and skin-rejuvenating facial.

Where was it?

Dr GOBAC Skin Body Apothecary in Johannesburg. Their first ever medi-salon offering a range of specialised facial, body and anti-ageing skin treatments. Read more about the Apothecary here.

What was my experience? 

The apothecary itself is gorgeous, welcoming and beautifully decorated. The staff are friendly, well-trained and are always on hand to help you choose the right treatment and take-home product specific to your needs.

When it came to my Biorestore facial, the treatment was a superbly relaxing hour long and comprised of assessing my skin first, figuring out my problem areas, followed by the facial itself… and then followed by the softest, plumpiness, smoothest, glowiest skin on my face!

See some of my pics below…

The entrance

The entrance

Treatment room

Treatment room

Measuring moisture, elasticity etc in the skin before we begin

Measuring moisture, elasticity etc in the skin before we begin


Glowy skin afterward - hooray! How about that Jewish nose though. Oy vey.

Plump, smooth and glowy skin afterward – hooray! How about that Jewish nose of mine though. Oy vey.

I only had one Biorestore facial, because I review so many treatments and products for A2 Magazine at any given time, it’s difficult for me to dedicate myself to one set of treatments. However, if you’re not reviewing treatments for an aesthetic magazine, then it’s recommended to have about six facials – one per week for six weeks and you will reap the maximum anti-ageing, hydrating and plumping effects of the Biorestore Facial.

Who is it for?

Perfect for men and women in their late 20’s reaching into your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Also makes for a uniquely special Christmas gift, or even as a bachelorette gift to give the bride’s skin a youthful glow for her big day!

What does it cost?

R880 for one Biorestore Needle-Free Facial (as at 2015. Please double check the price when booking as this may vary). And a package deal of six facials at R4500 (that works out to R750 per facial).

Where can I get it?

At the DR GOBAC Skin Body Apothecary (see address below).

Whilst there, you can also peruse and buy DR GOBAC products to use at home. Alternatively you can buy online through their website, or at your nearest Placecol Salon, plus many other salons. Check out the store locator on the website

Anything else you should know?

Aside from the Biorestore Facial, there is also the DR GOBAC Biorestore product (I mentioned this in the intro) that you can use daily at home. Rather than reinventing the wheel, below is in-depth info about Biorestore:

3Activating the ‘miracle’ work of Stem Cells DR. GOBAC® BIORESTORE is a complex compound of selected amino acids, polypeptides and potent plant extracts, which target and diminish deep wrinkles and expression lines. This hi-tech product provides unique protection to Epidermal Stem Cells, increasing stem cell longevity, limiting the formation of wrinkles and lines and stimulating growth and quality of the epidermis. Activated ‘time proteins’ retard and reverse signs of ageing while maintaining healthy physiology of the skin by eliminating toxins and free radicals. The slow releasing cocktail of antioxidants and active ingredients encourages the plaiting of new collagen and elastin strands which are beneficial for scarring, imperfections, thinning skin, dark circles and broken capillaries. The volumising, detoxing and firming properties in BIORESTORE result in a restructured, redefined and more youthful look.

Pretty cool, huh?

Also, here you can view other treatments available at the Apothecary:



Lastly, you should definitely explore other DR GOBAC products in the range on their website

Get in touch with the DR GOBAC Skin Body Apothecary



Phone: DR GOBAC Cosmeceuticals Head Office 011 314 8232 and DR GOBAC Apothecary 011 784 2422

Physical Address: Summit Square – ground floor, 15 School Road Cnr Rivonia Rd, Sandton, Gauteng

Facebook: and




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