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3The GREEN PEEL®, produced by Dr Christine Schrammek and distributed by Evolution Cosmetic is an exciting skin treatment that is now available in South Africa. Dr Alistair McAlpine reports…

It has the potential to offer a wide range of treatment options for a host of common skin conditions, with outstanding results. The GREEN PEEL® is an innovative concept that changes the way we approach skincare in patients, offering safe, trusted and clinically proven treatments.


Over 50 years ago, cosmetician and beautician Christine Schrammek was already carrying out the first skin peels with herbal extracts to alleviate a variety of skin problems.

When her daughter, dermatologist and allergy specialist Dr Christine Schrammek-Drusio, took over management of the family business over 20 years ago, the herbal peeling treatment became scientifically substantiated, and the treatment spectrum of the GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling method was continually expanded.

The peel consists of mixed herbs, and the strength of the treatment depends not only on individual skin conditions and the amount of herbs used, but also on the duration and the intensity of the massage pressure applied. This is a “technical” treatment that is not freely available.

Since treatment success can only be achieved by an expert conducting a specific, proper application, the GREEN PEEL® should only be performed by certified cosmetologists who have successfully completed the appropriate theoretical and practical training.


The treatment range consists of three peels:

  • GREEN PEEL® Fresh up A quick beautifier that provides immediately-visible freshness and brightness to the skin.
  • GREEN PEEL® Energy Provides effective and sustainable vitality and regeneration to the skin.
  • GREEN PEEL® Classic Provides skin renewal and a new skin in just five days.


Unique approach

The range works in a unique fashion, in that incorporating massage in the treatment causes slight removal of the upper layers of the epidermis and improves the microcirculation of the skin, increasing cell metabolism, and stimulating cell renewal and the formation of new collagen fibres.

This cuts down the 28-day cell renewal of the skin to 5 days. Treatment possibilities for the

GREEN PEEL® include: premature skin ageing, atrophy, wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, scars, skin discolouration and pigmentation, acne, loss of elasticity, skin rejuvenation, prevention of cellulite, sagging skin and stretch marks.


The numerous advantages of the GREEN PEEL® include:

  • herbal peeling treatment using 10 powerful herbs
  • 28-day cell renewal in five days
  • herbs contain no chemical substances
  • no aggressive ingredients or acid
  • different treatment methods for individual skin conditions
  • liposomes serve as a transport medium for active substances and improve their penetration
  • safe on all skin types
  • no animal testing.

The GREEN PEEL® is an exciting and innovative treatment that has now become the treatment of choice in my practice. This product has the potential to change the way we as aesthetic medical practitioners manage our patients and the various skin conditions and pathologies we encounter on a daily basis.

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June Winter 2016 – Issue 18

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Dr Alistair McAlpine - MBBCh (Wits), BDS (Wits) - Dr Alistair McAlpine is a dual-qualified medical doctor and dentist, and now head of medical aesthetics at Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic. He completed both his BDS and MBBCh at the University of the Witwatersrand – and his special interest includes the relationship between odonto-stomatological (dental) aesthetics and facial aesthetics, as well as the facial anatomical changes that occur with ageing.

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