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1Obesity and overweight are medical conditions and should be treated by a Medical Doctor. Slender Wonder is a Medical Weight Loss Programme that is only available through our network of accredited medical practitioners. Slender Wonder believes in treating the cause and not just the symptoms of overweight and obesity.

Whether you have 5 kg’s or 50 kg’s to lose, Slender Wonder is the weight loss programme to help you achieve your goal. Your Slender Wonder medical practitioner will help you to set your weight loss goals and not only help you start your weight loss journey but also keep you on track with regular weigh-ins and close monitoring of your weight loss and any other health problems you may have (i.e. cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure).


The Slender Wonder programme helps your body to used stored fat for energy. This gives not only great weight loss but also wonderful centimetre loss. Depending on the patient’s starting weight, results have shown that most individuals lose up to 4 – 7 kg’s in the first month (results may vary and are patient specific). The system is proven to ensure the loss of non-structural “bad” fat and not a reduction in kilograms due to the loss of muscle or water.

The programme has 5 phases

  • Phase 1 – Stimulation Phase
  • Phase 2 – Detox Phase
  • Phase 3 – Weight Loss Phase
  • Phase 4 – Stabilisation Phase: After you have reached your goal weight, you have to follow the stabilisation-eating plan.
  • Phase 5 – Maintenance Phase: This phase helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward. This phase is most important.

Due to re-learning healthy habits on our weight loss programme, you learn a healthier lifestyle of eating and also exercise which means that even after you’ve lost your weight, your new healthy lifestyle will ensure that your weight stays off.


To help our patients with healthy lifestyle meal ideas, we have two recipe books that can be used throughout the programme – from weight loss through maintenance. The recipes are suitable for the whole family and are delicious.

Starting with a slimmer, healthier lifestyle has never been tastier or easier!

The Slender Wonder products can ONLY be purchased from your Slender Wonder doctor.

If it doesn’t say Slender Wonder then it isn’t Slender Wonder.

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