Inside the Latest A2 Magazine Issue 20 – Summer 2016

CURRENT Issue 20 – Dec 2016 (Summer)

CURRENT Issue 20 – Dec 2016 (Summer)

Four of our four print magazines for the year, this Summer edition of A2 Magazine has an incredible array of super interesting topics covering aesthetics, anti-ageing, integrative medicine, medical skin care and plastic surgery in South Africa. In this issue you’ll find:


  • I’m Not Mad… It’s Just My RBF – Dr Marshall Murdoch delves into the phenomenon of resting bitchy face
  • Eliminating your Aesthetic Hang-Ups – Dr Sly Nedic reports on non-invasive procedures designed to give us our confidence back – at any age
  • The Pregnant Patient – Dr Alistair McAlpine investigates which medications and procedures are safe for pregnant patients
  • End-of-Year Functions: Looking your Best at Any Event – Dr Alastair Clark imparts valuable tips on the best go-to treatments for these occasions – as well as what timeline to expect to get the best results
  • Forehead Dilemmas – Dr Riekie Smit reveals various treatment options for those with forehead and brow dilemmas
  • DIY Beauty: Approach with Caution – There are some beauty treatments you can try at home, but there are some that should come with a warning to not even attempt. By Mandy Collins
  • Venus Viva: Resurface, Rejuvenate, Revive – Dr Anushka Reddy reports on the effective skin resurfacing treatment: the Venus Viva
  • Novel Plasma Technology – Introducing Brera Medical’s PLASMAGE procedure: a nonsurgical solution to treating excessive upper eyelid skin and firming the delicate lower lid area
  • A Language in Aesthetics: the Restylane Portfolio – Dr Ishaan Ramkisson reports on Restylane’s broad range of HA fillers that address each patient’s unique skin characteristics


  • Cream of the Crop – A choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime
  • The Next Generation of Peel – Dr Vernon Ching discusses a medical-strength peel that is instrumental in treating severe skin problems.
  • The Roaccutane Debate – Ingrid Katz takes an in-depth look at this treatment modality for acne, while advising an alternative approach
  • When Botulinum Toxin is Not an Option – Dr Reza Mia informs us on the top rejuvenation procedures that are toxin-free
  • Know the ABCs of Skin Health – Skin conditions such as ageing, pigmentation and acne can now be treated effectively with the latest addition of the pHformula VITA line.
  • The Blemishes and Barnacles of Age – Dr Debbie Norval discusses several different types of benign skin lesions that tend to crop up on our bodies as we age – and advises on how best to treat them
  • The Smoker’s Skin-Care Guide – Sonette Donker advises smokers to follow a strict skincare regime to prevent further damage


  • The Rise of Scrotox – Growing trend in male aesthetics
  • The ICE Principal – Dr Olivier Branford and Dr Patrick Mallucci describe how to achieve natural results in aesthetic breast surgery
  • Healthy Life, Healthy Skin – Dr Tony Youn shares his simple secrets to looking 10 years younger


  • Growing Facial Tissue
  • The Dangers of Reduced Methylation – Methylation is a new buzzword in the anti-ageing and integrative medicine domain, and of crucial importance in biological cell metabolism by Dr Sly Nedic
  • Overdrinking Water can be Fatal – Drink water for thirst, rather than trying to get in eight glasses
  • Nutraceuticals in Integrative Medicine – Dr Gys du Plessis offers some advice to those starting off their nutraceutical journey.
  • Losing Sleep Can be a Pain in the Jaw – A report on sleep bruxism, which commonly affects millions of people in today’s highly stressful and manic world. Dr Craig Pearl Maxillo and Dr Chelsea Cahi.

Also in this issue:

  • A2’s Press Trip with pHformula
  • Cosmedica 2016 feedback
  • Bulletin Board – Your local news in the aesthetics arena
  • News Snippets from around the World
  • 5 Minutes with Nicole Flint – Rachel Tambo chats to SA’s favourite radio personality, TV presenter and actress

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CURRENT Issue 20 – Dec 2016 (Summer)

CURRENT Issue 20 – Dec 2016 (Summer)


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