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CURRENT Issue 21 – Mar 2017 (Autumn)

Welcome to the first print edition of A2 Magazine for 2017. As always, we’ll be bringing out four issues this year, one at the beginning of each season; March (autumn), June (winter), September (spring) and December (summer).

Issue 21 Autumn 2017… In this Edition


  • Page 20. The ‘O’ Shot – Dr Nicole Kanaris reports on a revolutionary procedure that is designed to revitalise vaginal and clitoral function.
  • Page 22. Filler Fatigue – Dr Alistair McAlpine discusses how the repeated use of filler injectables can have various implications for both the patient and the doctor.
  • Page 26. Beyond 2017: The Future of Age-Defying Developments – The next frontier of aesthetics. By Dr Riekie Smit.
  • Page 30. The Irishman Behind the Mask – Up-close and personal with renowned medical physician, humanitarian and author, Dr Patrick Treacy. Written by Andrea Muller.
  • Page 32. Tired of Looking Browbeaten? Valuable aesthetic remedies designed to refresh your looks and look less tired. By Dr Debbie Norval.
  • Page 38. Enter the Dr PRP Separation Kits – Dr Maureen Allem introduces a novel medical kit designed for PRP separation.
  • Page 42. Refresh your look without erasing your identity – Dr Anushka Reddy shares her recipe for giving your appearance a youthful look without erasing your signature features.


  • Page 48. Cream of the Crop – A choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime.
  • Page 50. Treating Enlarged Skin Pores – Dr Sly Nedic looks into possible successful treatment modalities.
  • Page 52. The Ins and Outs of Rosacea – Rosacea is a difficult disease to hide from – or to hide from others. But what exactly is it and how can it be treated? Dr Wade Merchant
  • Page 54. Skin Rejuvenation the Thermage Way – Dr Vernon Ching discusses the Thermage system – a safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency procedure that successfully smoothes and tightens skin.
  • Page 58. Skinboosting: Supple and soft skin sustenance – Dr Michelle Emett explains how Restylane Skinboosters offers something a little different for long-lasting skin rejuvenation.
  • Page 62. Fat-Melting Creams – Hope or Hype? Dr Janine Olivier takes a look behind the science of rubbing away regional fat.
  • Page 64. An End to Scars? Scar-less wounds could be the future, according to a new study, which has developed an alternative healing process.


  • Page 69. Zero Sensation – The adverse after-effect of breast reconstruction… losing sensation in the breasts. By Mandy Collins.
  • Page 70. Hormone VS Gastric Bypass – By Sally Harvey.
  • Page 72. Facing Forward with Dr Eduardo Rodriguez – Meet the pioneering surgeon who has helped patients to see and smile again in face transplant operations.


  • Page 76. Estrogen Dominance: The Hidden Danger – Although estrogen is a hormone of youth and femininity, it becomes a cause for concern when unbalanced. By Dr Sly Nedic.
  • Page 78. Can the Ageing Process Be Reversed? Scientists discover anti-ageing breakthrough in older mice.
  • Page 80. The Body Dysmorphic Patient: Are Surgeons Feeding the Monster – Surgeons may be missing signs of BDD in most patients, posing serious risk for themselves and those they treat.


  • News Snippets From Around the World
  • Massive Boom in Anti-wrinkle Injectable Procedures Among Millennials
  • Bulletin Board – Your local news in the aesthetics arena
  • Handy Anti-Ageing Make-Up Tips – Nadine Hocter
  • Sedentary lifestyle speeds up biological ageing
  • Premium Classifieds

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CURRENT Issue 21 – Mar 2017 (Autumn)


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