Review by A2 Magazine: Anti-Wrinkle Injections


About a year ago I had Botulinum Toxin injections for the first time with Dr Alistair McAlpine at Lightsculpt in Bedfordview. The goal was to achieve a natural result that made me look less tired and grumpy (goodbye resting b*tchy face).

What was done

Dr Alistair McAlpine

Dr McAlpine injected along my forehead, brows, crows feet and along the jaw (to ease my jaw clenching).

As you can see in the pictures below, my forehead wrinkles were gone when lifting my forehead, wrinkles around my eyes were reduced and my brow lifted slightly (this takes away the tired look).

My face also looks slimmer/longer from the jawline.

Overall I loved the results! The best outcome from an aesthetic treatment is when people can notice something is different but they’re not quite sure what’s making you look more relaxed.

Mapping out injection points with a white crayon


Wrinkles around eyes/crows feet were reduced and the brow was lifted slightly. This all helped to “open” my eyes

Forehead wrinkles disappeared. Angry lines (between the eyes) were softened

How long until you see results

You can feel the toxin getting to work within the first two days, it feels like you’re consciously aware of muscle movement if that makes sense. After a week you can see a difference, and after two weeks the full result is in swing.

How long did it last

My results lasted about four months. You can easily have two botulinum treatments a year – a subtle result always gives more desirable outcomes. The trick with aesthetic treatments is to not “see”  a difference in your face straight away, the change should be subtle and noticeable only when before and after photos are placed alongside each other.

I once read something by Dr Steven Dayan, a plastic surgeon based in Chicago, who said:

“I can prove now that aesthetic procedures, such as injecting neurotoxin between a person’s eyebrows to open up their eyes, can make them look more attractive, creating a better self-impression in addition to improving their quality of life – they actually gain self-esteem by doing these treatments. I have proven that make-up alone can have significant impact on the first impression someone creates – perceived age can drop four to five years and the person’s self-perceived attractiveness is highly significant after applying make-up. I have also shown similar occurrences with certain skincare procedures.

The key here, however, is that the change is subconsciously recognised. In contrast, if you make a significant change to someone’s face and it becomes obvious, the unknowing observer can see that the changes were made and they are actually less attractive. So, too much make-up is unattractive; obvious plastic surgery is unattractive; breasts that are too large are unattractive – that phoniness is picked up by their observer and actually has a detrimental effect.”

Read our full interview with Dr Steven Dayan here. 


The cost depends on how many units you need and where you go. My procedure specifically was around R3000.


As mentioned, I had my injections done with Dr Alistair McAlpine at Lightsculpt in Bedfordview – you can view their website here:

Otherwise, many plastic surgeons, GPs in aesthetics, dermatologists and cosmetic dentists around South Africa are able to inject anti-wrinkle products, however IT IS IMPORTANT for you as the patient to ensure they’ve had the correct training to do so. Ask for their background, qualifications and photos of other patients they’ve treated. If you don’t feel comfortable then find another doctor. You have to trust your doc to get the best results.

Pain level

The needle is very small and thin and found it to be a bearable treatment with nearly no pain except some stings in sensitive areas.


I have sensitive skin so was a bit red for the next hour, but otherwise back to my usual self.

Must know

No exercise for 24 hours, lying down or anything uber strenuous that will “move” your botulinum toxin around.

Final thoughts

All in all a highly recommended, simple, non-invasive and affordable treatment to have.


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