Review by A2 Magazine: Venus Legacy Treatments for Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction


What did I review?

6X Venus Concept Legacy treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening and centimetre loss.

Where was it?

At Lightsculpt Aesthetic Clinic in Rosebank. View their contact details below. The Venus Legacy machine is at other clinics around South Africa – contact Venus Concept Africa below for a list of clinics near you.

What was my experience?

The treatments are completely non-invasive and are very comfortable. I’ve had other non-invasive cellulite and fat loss treatments and they’re all very much the same in terms of being painless and warm.

All treatments across all their platforms (including Venus Legacy, Venus Viva for facial resurfacing and Venus Freeze for fat loss and skin tightening) are safe on all skin types, which is a plus, because in the past, darker skin tones have previously been unable to have some non-invasive treatments.

Treatment room

The Venus Legacy

Legacy hand device for skin tightening. You can see my tummy getting red from the warmth


Side view of tummy after 3X treatments (one per week). My goal was to tighten skin as opposed to fat loss. I started noticing tighter skin on my tummy area after three treatments and it got better from there

With the Rosebank Lightsculpt team :)

Who is it for?

Ideal for those who are struggling with stubborn fatty pockets (love handles, tummy pooches, batwings on arms etc) and are looking to tighten skin and reduce cellulite in a non-invasive way (meaning the treatment is purely topical, no injections, cutting etc). As always, treatments like these must be in conjunction with exercise and good nutrition. Without this, you’re not going to see much or any results.

What does it cost?

From R1000 to R1200 per area per treatment and you need between six and eight treatments once a week for best results. Prices may vary from clinic to clinic. It’s best to double check in advance.

Where can you get it?

I had my treatments at Lightsculpt Rosebank, they’re a lovely clinic near my house. You can also contact Venus Concept Africa below to find a clinic near you offering Venus Legacy treatments.

Get in touch with Venus Concept Africa



Phone: 071 271 4104





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