Vaser Liposuction – Surgically Removing Fat From The Body


To change and refine are core principles when it comes to liposuction. Not only in the results of the procedure, but in the ways the procedure is done. Dr Deon Weyers introduces his preferred method of choice: the Vaser Liposuction System.

The VASER liposuction technique is revolutionising the way fat is removed from the body, and has completely nullified conventional methods in comparison.

For instance, liposuction is stereotypically pictured with a sweaty-browed surgeon, aggressively shoving a tube around underneath the skin to dislodge all the stubborn fat lying between you and your goal physique. However with the Vaser Liposuction system, this process is done without any need for that.

The How

Instead of dislodging fat deposits with forceful strokes, the fat is first liquefied with ultrasound, emitted by the same Vaser wand used to vacuum out the fat. Vaser allows for smoother, less harmful movements to extract the fat, and a more efficient, comfortable recovery for the patient. Although, it must be said that this technique’s only inconvenience is that it does takes a bit longer to perform than other methods, because this is not simply removing fat from your body, but is as much sculpture as it is surgery. Harvested fat may then also be used to fill in areas lacking volume, creating a beautifully contoured result.

The ultrasound emitted from the suction tube generates enough heat to make the tissue around the tip contract and tighten, which when used correctly, allows underlying muscle to look noticeably defined and steadily anchored to the body. This is what Vaser strives for, completely visible definition.

Treatment areas

Vaser works effectively on both large and small volume areas, going far beyond the reaches of conventional techniques. So whether you want to delicately treat the pouch under your chin, or completely dissolve the love handles around your waist, this is the most versatile option for you. You can be merely soft around the edges, or struggling with more excessive weight issues, but the fact remains that there is definitely a world of difference in store for you.

Additionally, without the inflammation and swelling caused by the vigorous traditional methods of liposuction, results from the Vaser HD and 4D techniques are virtually immediate. Once settled over a matter of weeks, the final result also appear to be completely natural and smooth, instead of lumpy and uneven.

Pre- & post-op considerations

Recovery from this procedure takes no more than 12 hours, and can see you returning to your daily life the very next day. I do, however, advise an overnight stay for clinical observations and a night of quality bed rest.

Since we’re all so uniquely different in shape and size, the total length of the procedure, recovery time and cost can vary substantially, so it’s best that your expectations are discussed one-on-one, to best suit your individual needs and budget.

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June Winter 2016 – Issue 18

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Dr Deon Weyers

Dr Deon Weyers MBChB - Dr Deon Weyers is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing at Fourways Life Hospital in Johannesburg, with the bulk of his practice entailing cosmetic surgery and full-body contouring in particular. He also has a keen interest in stem cell technology and regenerative medicine, and its application in both cosmetic and reconstructive applications. Additionally, Dr Weyers is a key opinion leader for Obagi Skincare in South Africa.

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