Trade Article: Electrolysis and Photoepilation – An Effective Duo



To achieve sustainable results in hair removal, two main choices are offered: electroepilation and photoepilation.

Each technique has its strengths and weaknesses, and the use of both in combination is increasingly recommended and has grown in popularity. Our comparative table outlines the main differences and complementary elements.

Electroepilation Photoepilation Laser/IPL
Definition Electroepilation is a precise technique that allows for the treatment of individual hairs. A probe is inserted into the hair follicle and an ultrafast electric current is emitted at the base. This current produces heat that allows for the destruction of the stem cells responsible for hair growth. Photoepilation is a technique that focuses an intense light beam directly on the skin in order to treat several hairs simultaneously. This light is absorbed by the hair’s melanin (pigments) and is converted into heat, thereby allowing for the destruction of the stem cells responsible for hair growth.
Efficiency Electroepilation is the only 100% permanent hair-removal method. Photoepilation results in a gradual, but permanent removal or reduction in hair regrowth – up to 80%.
Hair colour Electroepilation is effective in the permanent removal of hair, no matter what colour – even blond, red, grey or white. Photoepilation is an effective treatment option for dark hairs. Blond, white, grey or red hairs do not absorb sufficient light photons because they possess very little to no dark pigments. Consequently, it is impossible to completely eradiate them, no matter what pulsed light or laser treatment is used. At best, hairs that possess a small amount of pigmentation (red or dark blond) will become weaker.
Skin colour Electroepilation is an effective treatment for clients of all skin colours (light and dark). Photoepilation ensures better results for clients with fair skin with dark hair. Since light photons are absorbed by pigmented skin, darker skin absorbs more energy and radiates more heat. Consequently, this leads to a much greater risk of skin burns.
Application Electroepilation enhances the results of intense pulsed light treatments and is the final step in the complete and permanent removal of hair for larger regions. Photoepilation is great to reduce the pilosity of large areas, such as the back, quickly.
Body regions Electroepilation may be applied on all body regions. However, it is the ideal treatment option for facial hair removal, since it does not require any shaving. Also, this technique is safe for eye contours and permanent eyebrow shaping, design or correction. Photoepilation is ideal for all areas of the body. However, its use is limited on some facial contours. This is due to the size or shape of the hand piece. Shaving is required prior to treatment, so it is not ideal for a woman’s face, for example. This technique is not suitable for the epilation of eyebrows. The eyes must be protected at all times from the intense light or laser.
Client types Electroepilation is a suitable treatment option for clients for whom intense pulsed light or laser treatments are not recommended. Photoepilation is a suitable treatment option for clients for whom electroepilation treatments are not recommended.
Comfort The new generation of Apilus electroepilation devices offers unparalleled comfort. Since the current passes within milliseconds, the client only feels a very light tingling sensation during the treatment session. ·       Intense pulsed light or laser devices offer different levels of comfort and efficacy. The Laser Beautique’s Soprano laser device has proved to be most comfortable and effective. It is the world’s first effective laser hair removal system to be FDA approved as “painless” and cleared for all skin types, including tanned skin.


Although these two hair removal methods are very different, they complement each other perfectly in order to provide 100% effective and permanent hair removal for all types of customers.

Beautique Distribution is the proud distributor of state-of-the-art Dectro International Apilus electrolysis devices.


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