The optiphi® Facial Cleanser


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The optiphi® Facial Cleanser multi-functional cleanser which not only gently purifies, but also acts as a mild exfoliator and pH balanced toner. This product can also be used as a shaving medium and gentle eye make-up remover.


  • The cleansing and light exfoliating action is provided by Salicylic Acid, which targets acne and pigmentation and additionally calms and desensitizes the skin.
  • Supports the barrier function of the skin. This essential function prevents water loss within the skin and protects against harmful environmental factors.
  • Formulated at an ideal pH of 5.5, the Facial Cleanser guards the skin against bacteria and breakouts.
  • This gentle soap-free formulation is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

How to use

  • Apply a small amount of Facial Cleanser to a damp face
  • Lather using light circular motions and rinse well
  • May be used over the eye as a gentle eye-make-up remover
  • Use mornings & evenings for best results
  • Double cleanse in the evenings to remove heavy make-up and/sunscreen

Added Benefits

  • Apply as a 5min mask for spot treatment
  • Can be used as a soothing shaving medium

How much does it cost?

Recommended retail price of R689.00

Where can I buy it?

Available at selected optiphi® skin clinics, doctors’ rooms and spas.

Get in touch with Optiphi below to find your nearest stockist…


Store locator:

Phone: 012 667 6244





About optiphi

Skin Rejuvenation Technologies is a division of the Southern Group of companies. The group specializes in the research, development and manufacture of medical devices and applications in various medical disciplines. The disciplines span dental implants, heart valve replacements and temporary skin replacements amongst others. The group has an excellent reputation for the quality products they manufacture, and distribute their products in Europe, America and Australia as well as, of course, South Africa. Through the cumulative expertise in bio-medical fields, the group was in a position to conceptualize, create and test the best active solutions available to rehabilitate the skin. The expertise which developed optiphi® was drawn from the group’s extensive knowledge base, and the effort was led by a plastic surgeon.


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