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On 17 May I posted this on Instagram about having my first ever lip filler… well, now that some time has passed I thought it best to share my final before and after photo.

*See more before after pics at the bottom of this post*

I must reiterate that for me “less is more”. I wanted a little more volume and symmetry (not perfect symmetry) but didn’t want to look like I had lip filler.

My results

I’m super happy with the results! My doctor (Dr Alistair McAlpine, Lightsculpt Clinic) was a very good injector and I felt completely comfortable with him. He listened to what I wanted and delivered. Using under 1ml of filler product, my lips were evened out slightly (one side was plumper than the other), with the lip border defined, and a little added to the bottom lip.

Healing time

In terms of my healing, I had absolutely no bruising whatsoever (doctor used a direct injection method as opposed to a cannula which helped to reduce the “trauma”. I had also avoided alcohol and other blood thinning agents like Aspirin a few days before). Only a topical anaesthetic was applied and I felt no pain during treatment.

For a few days after treatment, I could still “feel” the filler in my lips, but over time it settled in beautifully with my tissue and now it’s as if they’re all mine. In fact, friends and family haven’t even noticed unless I’ve mentioned it. The change is only visible when pointed out in a before and after like the above picture, which is perfect because it looks natural.

Some other thoughts:

  • I was able to continue with life as usual that day – eating and drinking, with no one being able to tell I’d had injections a few hours before.
  • I did, however, notice the topical anaesthetic wearing off. After a few hours, it was necessary to be gentle with the lips EG applying lip balm gently, no rubbing, pressing or chewing harshly on the lips, brushing teeth gently etc.
  • No exercise is allowed after treatment, but I was able to exercise the next morning as usual.
  • For the ladies – I’d recommend booking your treatment when you’re not super pre-menstrual or currently menstruating. There is more blood flow at those times, plus your nerves are on edge which can make any treatment more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Type of filler product used

Restylane KYSSE previously known as Emervel Lips (a filler designed especially for lips).

How long does it last

From 6 to 9 months and even up to one year depending on the individual. Touch ups are recommended for maintenance.

Where did I go

Dr Alistair McAlpine at Lightsculpt in Bedfordview – their website and phone number +27 011 616 1436. I had visited Dr McAlpine previously for anti-wrinkle injections (Botulinum Toxin) and felt comfortable with him as my injector for fillers.

Many doctors in South Africa, if not most of those that practice aesthetic medicine in SA, offer Restylane (a brand of dermal fillers) in their practices. You can contact Galderma South Africa +27 11 706 2339 for a list of trained and approved medical practitioners offering Restylane injections.

I must also add that there’re a handful of well-known and trusted dermal filler brands on the market in South Africa – we mention them in our A2 Print Magazines (which is why you should buy and read them hint hint nudge nudge), and on our website in blog posts where relevant. It’s important to ask your doctor what your options are and find the brand best suited to your needs, because dermal filler brands’ ingredients and indications do differ – and do different things and are intended for different uses EG there is a filler designed for lips, one for under eye, another for cheeks and temples etc. At the end of the day, whilst rare, complications with fillers can occur. This is a medical treatment and should be treated with respect, caution and care to avoid negative and serious outcomes that can affect your health.

Additionally, the above filler brands we promote in South Africa are well researched, accredited and tested. Their distribution rights in South Africa involve only selling their products to doctors who have certain trainings and accreditations behind them. For example – you’ll never find a non-doctor person offering Restylane injections, and if they do, you know it’s fake product, can cause you harm and they should be reported.


My lip filler was around R2800. Prices may vary depending on product used and the professional.

Immediately after

Immediately after – side profile


One month after

One month after


Two months after





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