ArtLiner Available in South Africa for Permanent Make-Up Artists and Micropigmentation


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Please note – ArtLiner products are available only to trained make-up artists for the use in micropigmentation and is not available to the public or for home use. 

Micropigmentation, also called permanent make-up, involves pigment application into the epidermis by using needle electronic devices (tattooing). Permanent make-up treatment allows adjustment of the shape of eyebrows and lips (weak and irregular eyebrows; definition of contour or intensification of lip colour); it also can be used to emphasize eyes (application of eyeliner to the lower and/or upper eyelid). 

Micropigmentation is also used to mask skin defects caused by accident or illness (disguising patches in the case of vitiligo, as well as camouflaging scars or restoring or enhancing the areola in women following breast surgery) by application of pigments which match the natural skin colour.

After the treatment, the pigment is gradually absorbed and is subject to natural epidermis regeneration processes. As a result, the colour becomes slightly paler, but can be enhanced during a supplementary treatment. The final effect, depending on skin type and colour, remains for a period of up to five years.

Who is Micropigmentation it for?

Micropigmentation is ideal for those who have lost their eyebrows due to alopecia, chemotherapy or genetic disorders, as well as for people with irregular, thin eyebrows, small eyes or pale and/or overly narrow mouths. In addition, it is a convenient solution for those who wish to simply enhance their brows or area where they want permanent make-up.

Also, it’s a great treatment for those with eyesight problems or allergies to make-up cosmetics making it difficult to apply every day. 

ARTLINER® Micropigmentation Pigments 

We offer top premium quality micropigments to obtain the most natural permanent makeup effects. A unique formulation of ArtLiner™ micropigments provides almost total protection from herpes and allergenic reactions, especially in a combination with biostimulation by soft laser 3A class from ArtLiner™.

Unique advantages of ArtLiner™ 

ArtLiner™ digital permanent make-up devices are made with CORIAN®, an advanced composite of aluminium-tri-hydrate and acrylic (PMMA), the original solid surface material produced by DuPont™.

High thermal and chemical resilience and high durability and strength of CORIAN®, given its soft touch effect, ensure invariable cleanliness of the white and guarantee perfect, long-lasting investment, even during intensive use of the equipment. CORIAN® is an excellent choice for areas that must meet the most stringent regulatory standards.

CORIAN® has been certified by an independent laboratory as a hygienic material according to the international norm DIN EN ISO 846.

The hygienic performance of CORIAN® has also been certified by independent German organisation LGA QualiTest GmbH. A stringent range of tests assessing stability against bacteria and fungi, ease of cleaning and design rating from a hygiene standpoint, showed that CORIAN® was superior to many conventional materials used in healthcare.


Unique assets of ArtLiner™ thanks to CORIAN® aesthetic qualities: 

  • Aseptic and hygienic qualities
  • Non-toxic and hypo-allergic
  • Prevents formation of bacteria and fungi
  • Easy to disinfect and non-porous
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintenance
  • Soft and warm to touch (effect “soft touch”)
  • Durable and resistant to intensive use
  • Good thermal and chemical resistance
  • Excellent long-term investment
  • Creates more pleasant and efficient working environment

Attractive and elegant ArtLiner™ devices for micropigmentation will improve the image of your clinic/ salon by creating a safe, professional and efficient working area.

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