Inside the Latest A2 Magazine Issue 23 – Spring 2017


CURRENT Issue 23 – September 2017 (Spring)

Welcome to the third print edition of A2 Magazine in 2017.

As always, we bring out four print magazine issues a year, one at the beginning of each season; March (autumn), June (winter), September (spring) and December (summer).

In this September / Spring Issue…

The Aesthetic Report

  • 16 Filler Complications: What you need to know. While dermal filler complications are rare, it is important to be aware of them. Dr Sly Nedic
  • 20 How to Reshape your Jawline Without Surgery. Dr Anushka Reddy reports how the use of botulinum toxin injections can soften and contour a jawline
  • 22 Forewarned is Forearmed – Before embarking on your aesthetic journey, it’s important to be armed with as much industry knowledge as possible. Dr Riekie Smit
  • 24 Unpacking Botulinum Toxin – Botulinum toxin has been used for more than 30 years in not only aesthetic medicine, but also as a treatment for many medical conditions. Dr Cobus van Niekerk
  • 28 The Power of the Brow – Samantha Divaris from The Brow Studio in Melrose Arch explains why microblading is rapidly becoming the must-have beauty procedure for brows
  • 32 Beauty vs Attractiveness – While beauty is a raw primary force of nature, attraction is a dynamic projection. Sally Harvey gains further insight
  • 36 Rejuvenation or Alteration? Dr Alistair McAlpine advises on the correct treatments and protocols to ensure natural results
  • 42 The Bio-Nutri Lift Effect – Dr Maxence Caillens reports on a treatment that is aimed to improve skin quality and texture, while boosting its natural radiance
  • 45 Beauty on a Budget – Dr Fatima Bhabha advises how there is still a way you can invest in your beauty

Skin Sense: Anti-Ageing Skin Strategies and Health

  • 50 A2’s Cream of the Crop – our choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime
  • 52 Commitment: The Essential Ingredient to Beautiful Skin. The importance of a diligent skin care routine. Ingrid Katz
  • 56 Men & Melanoma – Malignant melanoma in men have spiraled in the last decade – so much that the rate of increase is six times higher than in women
  • 57 Improving the healing process – The use of specialised recovery skincare products will help prepare the skin and body for faster healing from traumatic events. Prof Lester M Davids, PhD
  • 60 Inflammation: No quick fix for pigmentation. Pigmentation of the skin is a normal physiological process, yet hyperpigmentation is an undesirable response that can be brought on by uncontrolled inflammation, writes Dr Burt Jooste

Cosmetic Surgery Up date

  • 70 Breast Before Date – Dr Nerina Wilkinson reports on the risks of ignoring your implant shelf-life
  • 73 The World’s Capitals Plastic surgery stats: Countries by numbers. Melissa Twigg
  • 74 An Outline of Neck Contouring – How refining the neck contour can dramatically improve one’s appearance. Amori Struwig and Dr Dehan Struwig

Dental Techniques & Oral Health

  • 77 The Root of Ill Health – Dr Chelsea Cahi and Dr Craig Pearl discuss how poor oral health has an indirect link to systemic general health
  • 79 The Smile Make-Over – Fusing facial aesthetics with cosmetic dentistry. Dr Zak Schabort

Anti-Ageing & Integrative Medicine

  • 86 Progesterone -A woman’s saving grace – The importance of ensuring women’s progesterone levels are adequate as they age. Dr Sly Nedic
  • 88 Nutrigenetics and DNA Testing – The science behind nutritional anti-ageing. Rochez O’ Grady
  • 90 The Golden Age – How an active lifestyle and a healthy social life play a crucial role in the prevention of mental and physical deterioration

Also in this issue

  • Editor’s Note
  • Meet the Team: A2’s Expert Panel and Contributors
  • International News Making the Headlines
  • 5 Minutes with Enigmatic Elise
  • Premium Classifieds

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CURRENT Issue 23 – September 2017 (Spring)


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