Dermalogica Launches Their NEW Overnight Retinol Repair 1%


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A customisable, clinical-strength formula that dramatically reduces the appearance of skin Ageing.

Dermalogica® introduces a powerful new product to reduce the signs of skin ageing with overnight retinol repair 1%. This highly concentrated night-time treatment cream offers clinical-strength Retinol (1.0%) for users who want advanced results in a formula that won’t compromise skin health or comfort.


Key to the formula is pure Vitamin A, a highly active form of retinol which has been shown to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, and combats free radical damage. Because the retinol molecule on its own is extremely delicate and can lose its potency as soon as it is exposed to light or air, overnight retinol repair 1% was developed using the most advanced microencapsulation technology which protects the molecule within the formula. This allows the retinol to retain stability and deliver results.

Additional key ingredients include:

  • Squalene from Brazilian Sugar Cane restores skin moisture and suppleness.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 and TAUT Peptides help minimise the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (antioxidant Vitamin C) helps reduce the appearance of skin discolouration.
  • Active polysaccharides to hydrate and prevent water loss in the skin, helping to soften fine lines.
  • Licorice extract helps calm irritation and provides antioxidant power.

Side effects

While the benefits of retinol are numerous, skin irritation can be a common side effect as users build a tolerance to the ingredient. The overnight retinol repair 1% is packaged with a buffer cream so clients can control the concentration of retinol being applied to the skin, minimising irritation and maximising results.

How to use

To help skin acclimatise, dermalogica recommends mixing one-part overnight retinol repair 1% with three parts buffer cream, applying to cleansed skin.

For more sensitive skin, apply the mixture on alternate nights. Increase the ratio as skin adjusts, at which point overnight retinol repair 1% may be used alone or prior to or mixed with moisturiser. After skin is acclimatised wear nightly avoiding the eye area.

Use only at night when cell renewal is at its prime. Wear sunscreen during the day and avoid excessive sun exposure.

For users who want to experience the benefits of retinol at a lower concentration, dermalogica offers a 0.5% overnight retinol repair and a 0.1% age reversal eye complex at authorised skin care centres and



Where to buy?

Overnight retinol repair 1% will be available exclusively at authorised dermalogica® skin care centres as recommended by a professional skin therapist. Retinol products must be consulted in person with a skin care professional and is therefore not available to purchase online.

Find a stockist or store:

Get in touch with Dermalogica South Africa 


Phone for customer enquiries: 011 268 0018




About Dermalogica: Dermalogica® revolutionised the skin care industry when it emerged into the marketplace in 1986 with innovative formulations, which excluded common irritants, including SD alcohol, lanolin, mineral oil and artificial colours and fragrances. Jane Wurwand developed the products to better support the advanced curriculum she had developed a few years earlier for The International Dermal Institute, which she also founded. Wurwand led the company’s growth from an idea to the world’s most-requested professional skin care brand. Dermalogica® today is sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Dermalogica® products are available at all authorised dermalogica stockists on the recommendation of a qualified professional skin therapist in addition to the brand’s concept spaces and online at Dermalogica® is made in the USA, with its global operations based in Carson, just south of Los Angeles.


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