Review by A2 Magazine: Hyalual Redermalization Treatments


What did I review?

I had three Hyalual Redermalization Treatments on the face (neck included) – one per month, for three months.

Where was it?

I went to Dr Reza Mia’s aesthetic practice in Houghton, Johannesburg. Dr Mia performed my first treatment and Dr Elfrieda Fourie performed my remaining two treatments (I love the way these two doctors inject. It really helps the treatment time go by).

An FYI – when Hyalual launched in South Africa, Dr Mia was welcomed into the exclusive group as one of Hyalual’s World-Wide Key Opinion Leaders. As their trainer in SA, we welcomed having our treatments done by the team.

You can contact Dr Reza Mia’s practice on:

  • Website:
  • Phone: +2710 023 0034
  • Physical Address: 52 Central Street, Houghton, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Working hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm  Monday – Friday. 10:00am – 5:00pm Saturdays (Select Saturdays only)

What is the treatment?

The procedure of Redermalization is one of the “hero” treatments offered by Institute Hyalual.

In layman’s terms – it is a series of injections along the skin (face, neck or body). The injections are Hyalual’s Xela Rederm. The treatment helps to improve your skin’s quality, tone, pigmentation, hydration, fine lines etc.

Whilst this is a medical treatment and should ONLY be performed by a trained medical doctor, it is considered a non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation (no surgery, theatre rooms or cutting of skin makes it non-surgical).

The success of Redermalization is due to the ingredients of the injectable (hyaluronic acid (HA) and sodium succinate) combined with an injection technique.

For more in-depth info, read this article written by Dr Reza Mia in a previous print issue of A2 Magazine. 

Does it hurt? 

In short, yes it is an uncomfortable treatment. You do require a numbing cream to be applied. And a stress ball. Those two things combined really help to make the treatment more comfortable.

How long did it take?

Anaesthetic cream is applied first which you sit with on for around 15mins, followed by the actual treatment. I did my full face and neck which took 20mins. So that was 35mins in total.

What do you look like straight after? 

I looked like I got stung by bees who suffer from OCD with the need to sting in specific formations.

The success of the treatment is wanting to cause inflammation in the skin… this helps to produce extra collagen which increases your results. It’s why you’re advised not to ice your skin or take anti-inflammatories etc pretty much counter intuitive and avoid anything that would reduce your inflammation.


My healing process after the first treatment


Treatment three healing process – from left: numbing cream, Dr Fourie injecting my forehead, along my face, what I looked like immediately after, and what I looked like the next day


Was there downtime / how long until you heal? 

Erm. You wouldn’t want to go out afterwards. Although some people react differently.

Michelle had her treatments and didn’t look too bad a few hours later. However, my skin was not for public viewing the rest of the day and the following day was still quite lumpy. By day three it was much better and I resumed my usual looking self.

The downtime is not painful though, it purely consisted of the bumpy and lumpy looking skin. Otherwise you can return to normal life the next day – cleansing, applying products, make-up, exercising etc.

If you’re having an event, plan your treatment for at least 10 days to two weeks before to get the best glow. You also don’t know what your bruising will be like (I had small bruises at one or two injection sites) which took a few extra days to clear up.

When do you see results?

As soon as your skin starts to heal you can already see freshness in the skin starting to emerge. I found that for weeks and months afterward my skin texture remained glowy. I got so many compliments from friend’s saying how good my skin was looking.

My results?

Once my skin had healed, my results were incredible – even after the first treatment. My results just got better and better after each treatment and I experienced hydrated, clear and plump skin. My skin tone improved and the mild breakouts I’d have from time to time disappeared. I was super impressed. As I mentioned above, many of my friends commented on how healthy my skin and face was looking.  I won’t say it removed my wrinkles like Botulinum Toxin would (purely because it simply doesn’t work in the same way), but I will say it dramatically improved the quality of my skin which as a result contributed to the youthful look of my skin. It also complimented the Botulinum Toxin injections I did have.

Like any (or most) aesthetic treatments the results don’t last forever, and they do recommend maintenance treatments after your initial three. You’ll need to consult with your doctor about this.

How many treatments do you need?

They recommend three to four treatments for great results, thereafter bi-annual treatments for maintenance is good.

Who is it for?

Redermalization is for men and women in their 20’s to 60’s. It helps to make your skin glow, reduce rough texture, skin dryness, wrinkles, irregular skin tone, smooth out fine lines, reduce pigmentation, reduce scarring and overall improve the quality of your skin, whether it be on your face or body.

I’ve seen some astounding before and after pics of a woman who had Redermalization on her tummy to reduce stretch marks post-pregnancy.

Chat to your doctor and see what your options are and what they’ve been trained to perform. 

What does it cost? 

From R3000 to R3800 per treatment, however this is dependent on the practice or clinic visited and the patient’s needs. Some patients need more product injected, and some need less. Not an incredibly cheap series of treatments to have but it is up to you, your treatment plan and budgets over a few months.

Where can I have it done?

Many trained doctors in South Africa offer Redermalization treatments.

Please contact Hyalual South Africa for a list of trained and approved doctors.

If they’re not on Hyalual’s list, then don’t visit them. They’re likely untrained, not doctors and using counterfeit product and can cause you serious harm.

Get in Touch with Hyalual South Africa

Contact Hyalual South Africa below to find an approved and trained doctor in your area offering their treatments:

Phone: 0795122618 (Taryn de Villiers) or the landline 011 466 0218





Anything else you should know?

  • Do not drink, take aspirin or do anything that will thin your blood (before, during or after the treatment). This includes taking NO anti-inflammatories, or applying ice post-treatment. You want the skin to be as inflamed as possible as this helps the treatment to induce the collagen building process.
  • As mentioned above, Redermalization can be done on the face, hands (perfect for sun spots, wrinkly hands) and the body (stretch marks, discolouration, scars).
  • As always, I always advise women not to do any injectable treatments such as this in the few days leading up to or during your menstrual cycle. It makes a significant difference to your pain levels.
  • Arrive at your appointment with a clean face – no make-up or tint.

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