What is the Pixel Peel?


1The Pixel Peel is a great treatment that delivers visible results, so we want to focus on it this month and discuss it further. This is a combination treatment using the Dermapen micro-needling method with a Cosmo (TCA) Peel.

This treatment is designed to allow deeper penetration of the TCA into the skin, thereby stimulating the regeneration process at a dermal (deep) level, as well as improving surface texture and pigmentation. This allows new, healthy and vibrant skin growth to be revealed at a faster rate.

  • Social downtime: 7-10 days (peeling will occur)

This is the perfect treatment for fine to deep lines or wrinkles, tired, dull looking skin and sun damaged skin.

If you are looking for a little “more” in terms of an in-salon treatment, the combination of a Dermapen needling treatment and a TCA peel allows an even more effective result in one procedure when compared to these, as standalone treatments. We are able to treat a range of concerns from dull ageing skin, deep lines and enlarged pores to sun damage, pigmentation and uneven texture.

The TCA peel (alone) focuses on a more surface targeted result, whereas the Dermapen creates micro-channels deeper into the skin by puncturing it which then allows the TCA to be carried deeper down. This “puncturing” also induces a wound healing response which means more collagen stimulation, resulting in improved structure, better circulation and nourishment to the skin.


As this is a more invasive treatment, downtime should be expected. This means peeling or flaking will occur on the skin and last for about 4 days. The skin will still look “normal”, meaning minimal to no redness and inflammation, and your normal routine can continue, albeit for a specialised recovery cream that should be used daily as your moisturiser. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the skin to recover fully and the results just keep coming!


For ideal results, we recommend a series of 3 treatments done at 3-4 weekly intervals.

On a separate note, Optiphi have launched a beautiful new product called Hydration Tint. It’s a tinted moisturiser with an SPF of 20. It’s ideal for weekends when you don’t feel like wearing foundation, but still want an even toned skin.

Written by Ingrid Katz (Pure Aesthetics)

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