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The NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy skin care series combines powerful antioxidants, Q10 and pure Vitamin C, to give tired, dull skin a natural boost of energy and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The Energy Skin Sleep Cream is proven to let skin cells take up 50% more oxygen*.

There’s no better feeling than waking up from a restful, undisturbed sleep – and your skin looks alive and glowing.  For most women though, due to busy, on-the-go lives, research shows that they’re more prone to feeling tired or exhausted**.  As a result, skin looks dull, strained and sallow.  At times like this it’s good to know that you can rely on smart beauty products like the new NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy series to re-energize your skin – overnight!

Wake up to renewed, radiant skin, no matter what, thanks to this highly innovative range which recharges your tired skin with fresh energy and reduces fine lines.  The powerful and proven formula with Co-Enzyme Q10 (Q10) and Vitamin C includes a Skin Sleep Cream and Day Care SPF 15, available from September 2017.  

Two powerful re-energising, anti-age ingredients combined

Skin gets a positive ‘pick-me-up’ with pure Vitamin C, a highly effective antioxidant, our most important skin ally in the fight against free radicals which are one of the main causes of skin ageing.

This powerful Vitamin C is supported by Q10 which occurs naturally in skin, and functions in two ways: As an essential energy provider and as an antioxidant. An elementary part of energy production in skin cells, Q10, also supports important processes in the cells: From cell regeneration to collagen synthesis. Unfortunately, as we get older, the body produces less and less Q10 over the years – NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy replenishes the Q10 level in the skin and prevents premature skin ageing.

Increase the uptake of oxygen in skin cells by 50 %*while you sleep

Beiersdorf research studies of skin cells show that this formula combination, as found in the NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream, is capable of increasing the oxygen absorption of skin by up to 50%*.  Like a breath of fresh air for the skin, this stimulates energy production, needed by the skin cells to perform important metabolic functions and repair and regeneration processes overnight.

Oxygen is vital for skin cells to function optimally.  If cells are starved of oxygen, which happens when skin is exposed to pollution and environmental stressors, it looks dull and sallow. Boosting oxygen supply in this way recharges the skin so it looks fresh and energised.

Get the ultimate beauty sleep

When you’re tired the stress hormone cortisol is produced, which leads to the breakdown of collagen, resulting in a loss of collagen, elasticity and skin’s resistance thus accelerating the ageing process.

This can be countered during sleep: While we sleep our skin absorbs moisture better and skin damage is repaired up to eight times faster than during the day.  The new NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream gets to work while you’re sleeping.  The light and intensely moisturising cream works with your skin’s natural make up and supports regeneration – when it’s most receptive to it – during sleep.

Because the Skin Sleep Cream contains highly potent, pure Vitamin C, which oxidizes under light or oxygen exposure, the sensitive ingredient is protected by air-tight aluminium packaging.

Refresh skin during the day

NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Care SPF 15 has a sensational skin feeling when applied and is light and quickly absorbed leaving skin instantly refreshed and intensively moisturised.  Combining two highly effective anti-oxidants – Q10 and Vitamin C – it revives tired, sallow skin with new energy. First wrinkles and signs of tiredness are reduced and the skin appears fresher, more awake and smoother. In addition, extensive UVA/UVB-protection and SPF 15 prevent premature light-related skin ageing.

It’s good to know that whether or not you get your ZZZZ’s, you can wake up to renewed, refreshed skin every morning.

What does it cost?

As of November 2017

  • NEW: NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream – R169,99 for 40ml
  • NEW: NIVEA Q10plusC Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Day Care SPF 15 – R169.99 for 50ml

Where can I buy it?

Available from leading retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide in South Africa.

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*proven in vitro

**Reference: Information released from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention shows that women aged 18 to 44 are almost twice as likely as men in the same age group to frequently feel very tired or exhausted.


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