Skins Cosmetics opens in Sandton City, Johannesburg


For the first time in South Africa, discerning beauty consumers of niche luxury brands will have all their needs served under one roof that will house popular international cult brands such as; Atelier Cologne, By Kilian, Le Labo, Comme des Garcons, Laura Mercier, rms Beauty, Christophe Robin, diptyque and a refined selection of many more market leading artisan Beauty and Cosmetic brands. Skins Cosmetics brings 65 exceptional brands to its newest store in Sandton City. 

Skins Cosmetics is a Dutch beauty boutique that opened its first door in Amsterdam in 2000. Since then, 11 more stores have been opened. In August 2017, the 13th store opened in South Africa, Sandton City, Johannesburg and promises to be a unique luxury beauty journey.

The Skins Cosmetics experience begins as you set foot through their glass doors. Every light fitting, profile table and wall bay is carefully curated as the interior design of the store is part of the experience and offering to the customer.

The boutiques philosophy is to tell the brands’ stories, deliver their artisanal value, while introducing their quality, in an atmosphere that is above all, welcoming, open, uncluttered and heavily service-orientated.

The primary offering is Beauty; (skin, fragrance, hair and makeup), whilst also incorporating a curated extension to home decor & lifestyle brands. Brands such as diptyque, Dr. Vranjes Firenze, Jonathan Adler, Fornasetti and Zenology provide an exceptional offering of homeware, décor and gifting items, making Skins Cosmetics a new destination for the upmarket home curator.

Skins Cosmetics is the first “boutique styled” beauty environment in South Africa, providing a leading selection of global niche/artisanal products for anyone who is looking for exceptional, bespoke, fashioned products, outside of the mainstream selection.

The aim of Skins is to surprise and inspire the customer through the diverse product offerings within a beautiful store environment. The store hosts exceptional, passionate staff with extensive product knowledge who are able to provide personal advice and superior service. Directors: Max Priebatsch, Robert Priebatsch, Cecilia Makua, Vijay Naiker

All existing Skin Cosmetics stores have been designed by Dutch architect Roy de Scheemaker and it was only fitting that the 13th store in Sandton be designed by the same mind.

“We wanted to adopt the best of the designs elements from Skins Cosmetics stores throughout Europe, whilst incorporating a slight Urban African feel. The store format offered a long narrow configuration. We therefore decided to make specific use of the height, 4400mm, with long running meterage of shelving, allowing for specific personalisation for market leading brands at precise intervals”. “The result is a very tall, presentation, in boutique format, with a colour scheme selected for the local market” – Roy de Scheemaker – Primary Architect

This new era in Southern African luxury beauty is brought to you by African Sales Company (ASCO), a distribution company that has traditionally traded in niche, luxury, premium and masstige beauty brands, delivered through department store beauty retailers and integrated e-commerce solutions. With over 80 years in business, the company is about to revolutionalise the South African beauty retail scene with the deployment or 3-5 Skins Cosmetics stores in Southern Africa 5 years.

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