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UV and UVB rays in particular lead to an inflammatory response (erythema). This inflammatory response causes direct and indirect damage on the dermal matrix with consequent solar elastosis and photoaging. The skin tries to defend itself from UVB rays by producing, with sweat, urocanic acid, a powerful selective filter for UVB rays. UV rays also activate metalloproteinases of dermis with the destruction of the matrix. Only one MED (minimum erythema dose, the necessary time to redden) induces an activation of metalloproteinases for 72 hours with damage to the dermal matrix.

All this leads to a defence from the skin with the production of excess melanin and hyper pigmentation.

Due to this, in order to allow solar exposure without resulting in skin damage, we have a solution with preventive anti-ageing treatment to restore the skin’s physiological state that, in any case, becomes partially damaged and to regulate the pigmentation process (melanin production) avoiding formation of hyper pigmentation (spots).

AEGLEXA PHOTOAGING TREATMENT is an effective support in the defence of the skin from daily attacks from the sun and from the most common environmental atmospheric elements that produce free radicals that are responsible of ageing.

Research of components selected and targeted at the protection problem of the face’ skin, have lead AEGLEXA to the formulation of a prevention treatment with concoctions of which active ingredients have been proved very important helpers for:

  •  Protection from the injurious attack of smog and pollutants elements that are in the air
  •  Reduction of the inflammatory response induced by UV rays (erythema)
  •  Reduction of the free radical’s actions, which mediates the inflammatory response caused by UV rays
  •  Optimization of urocanic acid’s production, a powerful natural UVB filter produced with sweat
  •  Reduction of the metalloproteinases activity of the dermis that causes damage to the dermal matrix
  •  Optimization of melanin formation produced to defend the skin
  •  Limitation of melanin production to avoid formation of hyperpigmentation (spots)
  •  WITH THE COMPLETE AEGLEXA TREATMENT normalization of the biological state of the exposed skin through moisturizers, that rebalance the content in water and sebum, that modulates the lepidic content of said skin.

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Win an Aeglexa Photoaging Protocol Skin Care Kit Valued at R4500!

  • Aeglexa is a photoaging treatment protocol which includes a day and night cream and capsules. The products are aimed at reducing damage to skin by protecting the skin during the day and blocking damaging free radicals released at night.

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