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5 Minutes with Dr Zein Obagi and ZO Skin Health: changing skin at cellular level

The skin is a living organ and needs to be studied and treated as such. Sally Harvey interviews Dr Zein Obagi about treating the skin holistically in order to restore and maintain skin health.

  1. Can you tell us about yourself and why you decided to develop ZO Skin Health?

My career started in the field of pathology at William Beaumont Hospital where I completed my residency. In pathology, we don’t just focus on eliminating the disease; we address the nature of the disease and where the core of the problem resides.

The skin is not just a wall that you can paint and fix, it is a vital organ that needs to be treated at a cellular level. Skin diseases such as acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation and rosacea, all need to be treated in the context of skin health restoration, rather than simply with a topical agent that sits on the skin providing only temporary effects.

In 2006, I started ZO Skin Health, Inc. to refocus the attention on skin health restoration. The goal of ZO Skin Health is to remain true to the principle of skin health and incorporate the new principles of today.

  1. Can you explain what makes ZO Skin Health so successful in terms of product development and the results it has achieved?

At ZO, our products treat skin holistically. Once you complete therapeutic treatment for a skin condition, your primary goal is to maintain those results. Not only do we provide the therapeutic solutions for these skin conditions, but we provide for future maintenance, daily skincare and preventative solutions. There is no need to pick and choose from a variety of brands buffet style, as ZO Skin Health has everything you need, just like a five-course meal.

  1. You focus on skincare in a different light to most other chemists, can you discuss the differences and the reasons why you hold this standpoint?

As I mentioned earlier, my practice in the field of pathology provided a foundation for my principles, namely my desire to treat the skin at a cellular level – and ZO products reflect this ideology. Daily Power Defense, for instance, is a formula composed of retinol, enzymes and antioxidants that repair the damaged skin cells and protect against future ageing. We have a treatment, maintenance and prevention solution all in one.

Most people think they have dry skin, but this is more often than not a direct result of the skin’s dependency on contemporary moisturizers. These moisturizers do not reach the deeper layers of skin and they sit on the epidermis, weakening the skin’s barrier function, clogging pores and preventing the stratum corneum from exfoliating properly.  Our moisturizers complement the skin’s own recovery process, restore hydration in the deeper layers of the skin and are suggested for use only as needed.

  1. Promoting proper education and ensuring the correct positioning of your brand in the market are a fundamental part of your company’s ethos. Can you explain how you achieve this?

We provide many resources for our physicians including seminars, clinical training around the globe and educational materials for product launches and reformulations. These educational programs allow us to discuss the fundamental principles of skin health, share our latest product innovations and relay any new scientific advancements we have uncovered in our research.

  1. Can you discuss ZO Skin Health’s current global position, as well as its growth in South Africa?

ZO Skin health is available in 107 countries and is still growing. Our products are suitable for all skin types, from dry to acneic and efficacious, in all climates from hot and humid to cold and dry. We work proudly with international distributors to spread the science of skin health restoration in physician’s offices, which is a global effort to restore the relationship between the physician and the patient in what has been a predominantly department store-driven market.

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CURRENT Issue 24 – December 2017 (Summer)

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