Dermastine Products for Scar and Skin Results


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Dermastine is a well-known skin care brand in South Africa that made its debut as a treatment recommended by doctors to treat scarring after surgery due to its vitamin A precursor and vitamin E additions.

Since then, Dermastine have increased their range to include higher concentration Vitamin A face creams for added benefit and a cleanser safe for all skin types.

All Dermastine products contain an emulsion that works by rebuilding the elasticity of the skin, providing nourishment, stimulating collagen and elastin, smoothing skin texture, reducing pore size and number and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermastine Products

Dermastine with Vitamin A

Dermastine with Vitamin A is a moisturising, nitrifying and firming emulsion cream that helps rebuild the elastic fibres in the skin, improves skin elasticity and skin suppleness, and helps to prevent loss of skin tone. Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant.

Dermastine Facial Cleanser

Dermastine Facial Cleanser is a soap-free gentle cleansing cream which contains 1% elastin to help remove skin impurities and clear pores. Suitable for all skin types.

Dermastine Crème Ultra Riche 3%

Dermastine Face Cream 3% is a fragrance free topical cream with a high concentration of vitamin A and E.  Both vitamin A and E have been shown to be powerful anti-oxidants and skin cell stimulators and is recommended to treat the face and neck where the benefits of pure natural soluble elastin and an increased dosage of Vitamin A is required. Dermastine Face Cream acts as a rich moisturiser which contains agents to promote a smooth, firm skin. It also contains marine elastin and anti-free radical vitamins A and E which fights ageing of the skin. Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant.

Dermastine Jeune Maman

Dermastine Jeune Maman is a moisturiser that contains a soluble elastin which preserves the natural skin fibres. Jeune Maman is especially formulated for use during pregnancy and is safe for all skin types. Contains no Vitamin A or any ingredients contra-indicated during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Where to buy?

Available at selected Dischem and Clicks stores nationwide.

Also available to buy online from authorised retailers Skin Miles and DermaShop


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