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The time of the razor has come to an end and painless laser hair removal is the new trend. A trend that is here to stay! We’re all about silky smooth legs and hair-free days, and with Deluxe Laser & Spa – you’ll never be tempted to grab a razor again. 

So let’s chat – what exactly is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal reduces unwanted hair, without any pain or down time. Deluxe uses revolutionary technology (Soprano Ice/eLase Motif) that removes hair effectively and painlessly. It is 100% painless and permanent and suitable for all skin types.

It’s quite interesting how it all goes down – In a nutshell, laser energy converts light into heat within the hair follicle. This heat gets drawn down to the bottom of the hair root, where the factory that produces the hair is located. This factory in effect gets destroyed and can no longer produce new hairs.

And why is laser so popular?

Gone are the days of painfull methods to get rid of unwanted hair – Yes. You heard right. You don’t have to suffer for beauty anymore. Other methods like IPL and electric hair removal are painful, can lead to burns and are not as effective. In addition to this, many people cannot be treated because their hair or skin is not suitable for these outdated methods.

With our laser, most people need a minimum of 6-12 sessions, performed at regular intervals of 4-12 weeks for effective results. This means it’s cost effective, and in the long run, saves you quite a bit from all those razors, shaving and waxing remedy costs.

We will always make sure that you are completely relaxed before your treatment and the beautiful setting of our Deluxe Spas will create a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. Our expertly trained therapists will do a full consultation with you to make sure you understand everything and are completely comfortable before we start your treatment.

We have recently opened a string of new spas – so there is bound to be one right on your doorstep, making it a 100% hassle free experience, as well as pain free. Whether you’re in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban – we’ve got a Deluxe near you. Find a branch close by:

Prepping for your first laser session?

Now that you’re ready to give it a go – here are a few tips to keep in mind.

All you really need to do is avoid waxing, tweezing, threading or epilation for four weeks before your appointment.

Arrive with a completely clean shave on the relevant area prior to your treatment. And then don’t forget to use our post-laser emulsion afterwards, which contains SPF for protection from sun post treatment and which soothes the skin and leaves it ready to be flaunted in no time at all.

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