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The basic philosophy of Dr. med. Christine Shrammek derma.cosmetics skincare series is based on “Dermatology meeting cosmetics”.  Sally Harvey interviews Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio about her vision and role in combining proven dermatological actives to improve long-term skin health.

Can you discuss your background and current position?

After obtaining my specialist medical training at a dermatology clinic, I worked in my own clinic for several years before joining my mother, Christine Schrammek’s cosmetic business in 1989 as a managing director.  I am currently responsible for research and development of our products/ skincare lines, together with leading the professional school for dermatological cosmetics and the international advanced training center.  My son, Alexander Drusio, takes care of the operative business.

As a dermatologist, what inspired you to get involved in developing a skincare line and treatments?

During my time at the dermatology clinic, I was often confronted with skin problems as well as patients’ questions on the long-term management thereof.  This strengthened my desire to connect dermatology with cosmetics and develop care products in a new dimension, suited for improving skin health.

The GREEN PEEL® herbal peeling has achieved world-wide success as one of the most effective all-natural peeling systems.  Please explain why herbs are so well-suited for peeling and, more specifically, how this treatment is able to solve skin problems with such impressive results?

Herbs have a long tradition in cosmetics. Already in the Middle Ages, the healing power of marigold for eczema was discovered. For many years, my mother experimented with the history of plants and herbs as well as their effects in cosmetics. This is how today’s GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment was formed. With the help of many half-face tests conducted in cooperation with Prof. Choranzak, she could prove these effects. The combination of diverse plants and herbs, and their interaction, result in the treatment success of the GREEN PEEL ® Herbal Peeling.

You refer to the “BB Cream” Blemish Balm as a true innovation within the range. Can you explain why?

Blemish Balm reflects our philosophy: proven dermatological ingredients that effectively counteract impurities – combined with colour particles which allow the product to be used as make-up. This was extremely innovative when it was developed 50 years ago and remains so today.  Blemish Balm can do more than many of the foundations and concealers out there, as it has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects, calms reddened skin and protects against environmental influences. It’s also well-suited for small burns, insect bites or cold sores and, in summary, is an all-round talent.

What are your plans for the company globally and in South Africa?

Strengthening brand awareness is one of our biggest future targets. We already enjoy immense brand recognition within the global aesthetic and beauty industries and now want to further develop among end consumers.

By partnering with innovative distributors like Evolution Cosmetic in SA, we plan to grow Dr Schrammek in these newer markets. For GREEN PEEL®, we have developed a new concept called GREEN PEEL® beauty2go, which has been successfully implemented in Germany. To date, we have recently awarded South Africa as the only other distributor outside Germany.

An innovative lounge concept in which the GREEN PEEL® is adapted into the ultimate glow treatment, a lunchtime detox for the skin #gpb2go

Are there any new products or treatments to be launched?

Soon, Evolution Cosmetic will be launching Skin Elixier in South Africa, which is 24-hour care and one of our specialist products.  Its combination of oils, such as Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q10, cares for the skin and regenerates it while protecting it against free radicals. Optimal as a power cure for the skin when it needs an extra boost!

For more info on Dr Schrammek products in South Africa

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