Inside the Latest A2 Magazine Issue 25 – Autumn 2018


Welcome to the first print edition of A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine in 2018… the autumn edition (issue 25)!

As always, we bring out four print magazine issues a year, one at the beginning of each season:

  • March (autumn)
  • June (winter)
  • September (spring) and
  • December (summer)

In this Edition of A2 Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Magazine…

The Aesthetic Report

  • 16 Global Aesthetic Trends for 2018 – How the Experts See It: Dr Riekie Smit unveils what trends the world’s medical professionals believe will be making headlines this year
  • All Aboard the Facelift Express – in our always-online, insta-everything modern society, it’s not surprising that the latest trend in aesthetics is a patient demand for quick-fix facial procedures, writes Dr Sly Nedic.
  • The Dilution Confusion – How much saline solution is being mixed in your botulinum toxin unit? Are you getting what you paid for? Or is there a chance it’s being over-diluted? Dr Alistair McAlpine elaborates

Anti-Ageing, Wellness & Integrative Medicine

  • 20 David Arthur explains how healthy sexual functioning can be best attained through an integrative approach
  • 28 Layers of a Woman’s Intimate Anatomy – Sally Harvey reports on the celebration of the vagina and all its hidden wonders
  • 34 Physiotherapy in the World of Medical Aesthetics – How does physiotherapy fit into the world of medical aesthetics? Roxanne Ashkar provides the answers
  • 36 Taking Control – Dr Tamara Pheiffer advises how a lifestyle and wellness program can help combat chronic and lifestyle related diseases as well as premature ageing
  • Should you be taking hormones for menopause? With estrogen deficiency being a major player, Dr Sly Nedic looks at the value of hormone replacement therapy
  • 42 Why Bones Might Hold the Secret to Weight Loss – Scientists have found an entirely new mechanism by which our body measures and influences our weight

Skin Sense: Anti-Ageing Skin Strategies & Health

  • 46 Cream of the Crop – A choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime
  • 48 Dispelling the Melanoma Myth – Unpacking skin cancer in dark skin by Dr Dagmar Whitaker
  • Breaking into a Sweat – Dr Anushka Reddy reports on various ways to treat excessive head or facial sweating, so you can always be confident to put your best face forward
  • 60 The Skin Whisperer – Sally Harvey chats to cosmetologist, Tatiana Shuvalova of Ericson Laboratoire South Africa, about how one can identify internal skin issues and work towards correcting them

Cosmetic Surgery Update

  • 65 Unpacking the Mommy Make-Over – The Mommy Makeover is a term that refers to a combination of surgical procedures that enables a woman to restore her body shape following childbirth by Dr Alexandra Grubnik.
  • 68 The Secret to a Seamless Facelift – Dr Rory Dower talks us through what he considers to be one of the best techniques in delivering the most natural results.
  • 70 Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Rise of the au Naturel Look… Dr Marshall Murdoch explains why plastic surgeons are leading the quest for better planned breast augmentations, rather than let reality-TV based fashion dictate choices.

Dentistry Techniques

  • 74 The Quest for the Ideal Aesthetic Smile, Dr Sam Thandar discusses the latest offering in aesthetic dentistry – 3D digital imaging
  • 78 Blasting Plaque with Microbubbles – Researchers have found a way to remove plaque from dental implants to improve oral hygiene
  • 79 Seven Ways that Oral Hygiene Affects your General Health – Perhaps you don’t make the time to floss or brush your teeth, because you wonder, is it really that important? Well, the answer is yes, warns Dr Zak Schabort

Also in this issue

  • Pg 1Editor’s Note
  • Pg 6 and 7 Meet the Team: A2’s Expert Panel and Contributors
  • Pg 8 Photo Filters Kill the Facelift
  • Pg 12 Legally Speaking: Name and Shame – or Defame? By Mandy Collins
  • Pg 80 Premium Classifieds

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