Deluxe Laser & Spa: Non-Invasive Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction


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If you diet, exercise and take good care of your body but still have isolated areas of localised fat or cellulite that resist your best efforts, we’ve got some treatments that can help to reduce these. 

At Deluxe Laser & Spa we have non-invasive treatments to reduce body fat and stubborn cellulite (it’s important to tie these treatments in with healthy eating and exercise. Results won’t show or last if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle).

The treatments give you no downtime and no pain. Plus, they are affordable, comfortable and effective.

We recommend a combination of these body contouring treatments, performed as a tailor-made program for your needs. Results are reinforced with healthy eating habits and exercise to provide you with the optimum solution to your target areas.


Exilis is the only monopolar RF (Radio Frequency) system to incorporate ultrasonic energy in one hand piece. By using both energies with advanced skin cooling, it is possible to safely heat the fat tissue for lipolysis (reduction of fat cells), at the same time, promote better lymphatic drainage of the liquified fat. This patented technology also results in skin tightness, tissue volume, tone and elasticity.


X-Wave is an advanced, scientifically proven, cellulite treatment, which uses modified Acoustic Wave pulses. This assists in improved elasticity, firmness and smoothness of skin. It has an added benefit of minimising the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


Lavatron delivers a Radio frequency current to help increase the temperature of the deep dermis and hypodermis from 3 to 5 cm in depth for the purpose of body contouring, shaping and lifting. One can expect cm reduction and improved appearance of cellulite. You can experience a warm and comfortable sensation during treatment with no down time. ​

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Other treatments available at Deluxe include painless laser hair removal, body contouring and a full service spa.

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