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TIME CONTROL SKIN CARE LINE, a premium anti-aging line by Dr Schrammek – derma.cosmetics. 

As a dermatologist and anti-aging expert, Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio placed great emphasis on innovative, highly-effective active ingredients such as peptides and antioxidants when developing the anti-aging products in the Time Control series.

Optimally coordinated combinations of active ingredient protect the skin against loss of elasticity and moisture and strengthen its collagen and elastic fibers. The signs of premature skin aging are prevented. The firmness and vitality of mature skin are supported. The result is a silky soft, smooth and revitalized skin…

Dr Schrammek products are free of parabens • silicones • mineral oil • colorants • PEG

 The range includes three products…

1). Time Control Day Cream

For a firmer, youthful complexion

This unique moisturizer formulated for demanding mature skin contains selected valuable ingredients such as Matrixyl Peptide, milk thistle* and antioxidants to meet all moisturizing needs; the velvety cream helps refine complexion and firms face. Dramatically improving skin’s elasticity and texture leaving skin radiantly fresh and youthful.

* Recommended ingredients by Society for Dermopharmacy

Active Ingredients 

  • Matrixyl® 3000 (Peptide):Stimulating the collagen synthesis, firming, improving the elasticity
  • Silymarin (Milk Thistle Oil):Anti-oxidative, regeneratingNiacinamide (Vitamin B3):Brightening, regenerating, moisture-retaining

Clinical Studies: Increase in skin elasticity

The great results of TIME CONTROL are also scientifically backed: Proven clinical studies performed by the Korea Insitute for Skin and Clinical Sciences, Seoul, Konkuk University with 20 test persons.

How to use

Apply mornings after thorough cleansing to face, neck and cleavage area and gently massage into skin

2). Time Control Night Cream

A rich luxury night treatment

The innovative formula combines anti-glycation with premium matrixyl peptides and antioxidants. The exclusive combination supports the skin’s natural functions and replenishes moisture while it works overnight. The results are a radiant, fresh, smooth, youthful skin in the morning.

Active Ingredients

  • Vitamin A: Smoothing, firming, reduces pore size and regenerates
  • Silymarin (milk thistle oil): Anti-oxidative and regenerating properties
  • Matrixyl® 3000 (Peptide): Stimulating the collagen synthesis, firming, improving the elasticity

How to use

Apply evenings after thorough cleansing to face, neck and cleavage and gently massage into skin.

3). RetiNight Essence

TIME CONTROL RetiNight Essence is an intensive anti-aging product for night time use. The unique ingredient combination reduces deep wrinkles overnight and helps the skin to appear smoother and firmer. The combination of retinol properties and effects similar to retinol is unique.

Vitamin A combined with an Vitanol – which has the same effect, but without any side effects – increases the effectiveness and power of Vitamin A.

Scientific investigations confirm a significant improvement of the skin appearance after application of RetiNight Essenceover a period of 4 weeks:

  • Reduction of wrinkle depth by 26% on average
  • Reduction of wrinkle volume by 11%
  • Increase in skin elasticity by 18%

Active Ingredients

  • Vitanol® BIO– naturalhas an effect in the skin similar to retinol. It protects repairs and restores the dermis.
  • Vitamin A Palmitate –activates skin renewal and increases cell division to support the delay in skin aging.
  • Aquaxyl™ –increases the water circulation and hydration levels with both long and short term  effects.
  • Matrixyl™ 3000 –repairs age-related skin damage by sending messages hat regulate cell activities. This way they support the skin’s own repair processes.
  • Potent Oil Blend: Evening Primrose Oil (regenerative), Sesame Oil (Soothing), Cranberry Oil (antioxidant effect), Camelia Oil (moisturizing)

How to use

Apply evenings only to face, neck and cleavage after cleansing. Recommended to start actives every second night to begin.

How much do they cost?

  • Time Control Day Cream @ R1695.00 (50ml)
  • Time Control Night Cream @ R1895.00 (50ml)
  • Time Control RetiNight @ R1 895.00 (50ml)

Where to buy?

For further information and to find a Dr Schrammek stockist near you in South Africa, contact them below…

Website: www.drschrammek.co.za / www.evolutioncosmetic.co.za

Phone: 011 325 5849

Facebook: www.facebook.com/drschrammeksa

Instagram: www.instagram.com/drschrammeksa

Twitter: www.twitter.com/drschrammeksa

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