International Cosmetics Brand Nikel Launches in South Africa


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Nikel Cosmetics, an established international brand with roots in Croatia, has grabbed the attention of many South Africans, including top bloggers and celebrities. Its unique blend of active plant ingredients and modern cosmetic technology make it a must-have for those in the know.

The brainchild of acclaimed scientist MPharm Mirjana Brlečić, Nikel Cosmetics was established 14 years ago and has won many accolades since, including ‘best moisturizer’ at the 2018 Elle beauty awards.

Siobhan Yeatman, the creative energy behind Sugar & Spice Beauty and Lifestyle blog, is a fan of Nikel Evening Primrose Oil. “It smells like sweet oranges, and is lovely and nourishing, yet it absorbs into the skin so easily, leaving no greasy residue. My skin is happy and glowing,”she says. “My favourite is to apply it at night, and I use a jade roller to massage it in – it’s one of my favourite oils to give myself a good facial massage.”

Good Hope FM radio presenter, Expresso Morning Show host, actress and model Leigh-Anne Williams is another Nikel convert.

Ms Brlečić gained valuable insight while working extensively in selling luxury skincare products, and realised that many luxury skin products seemed to be causing skin issues rather than combating these ailments. Pairing this knowledge with her scientific expertise, Brlečić established the Nikel Cosmetics line, focusing on luxurious modern textures and products that work in synchronicity with the skin.

“We realised that Nikel Cosmetics with its active plant ingredients was well suited to the needs of South Africans and their skincare requirements,”saysBrlečić, making particular reference to our sunny climate.

She points to Alpine Rose Stem Cell Tonic as an example of a Nikel product perfectly suited to combat the ravages of the South African sun. “The Alpine rose grows 1 800 metres above sea level and survives extreme temperature variations, UV exposure and dryness,”she explains. “It has very active compounds [stem cells]and these are the essential ingredients that help the skin regenerate and protect it against environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. This is why products like Nikel Alpine Rose Stem Cell Tonic are the perfect preparation for the skin that gives great results when applied under sunscreen with any SPF factor.”

Brlečić recognises that South Africans “are perceptive to natural cosmetics and strive to have a healthy skin and lifestyle – a perfect fit with the ethos of Nikel Cosmetics.”

Where to buy?

Nikel Cosmetics is available at Zando and Beauty Worx.

For more information on products, visit their website:

More about Nikel Cosmetics

Nikel Cosmetics is an established premium European cosmetics line created using carefully selected natural active ingredients, without any unnecessary additives.

Pharmaceutical scientist Mirjana Brlečićfounded the company in 2004 with a view to providing customers with healthy cosmetics designed not only to nurture the skin, but to address the root causes of skin problems. Combining traditional cosmetological knowledge and the latest technological pharmaceutical innovations, Brlečićcreated a range of 63 efficient and effective products that soothe, nurture and care for the skin.

Premium products available in South Africa include some of Nikel’s signature cosmetics, the 12 Plants Elixir – a natural product to aid skin in ageing well, the Alpine Rose Tonic – a skin protector that supports the skin’s capacity to repair itself – and Evening Primrose Oil – designed to hydrate and restore the epidermis.


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