Survey Shows South Africans Are Not Getting Enough Sleep


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The Bed Shop Sleep Survey

Last year The Bed Shop, South Africa’s largest independent franchise bed retailer,decided to run a sleep survey in order to better understand the sleeping habits of South Africans.

The survey ran from November 2017 till end January 2018 and a total of 1690 people from all over South Africa participated in the survey. Though it was a comparative small sample group that completed the survey, it delivered insight into the quality of sleep South Africans are getting.

“The Bed Shop is committed to providing South Africans with quality beds to ensure that they get the quality sleep they deserve. In order for us to do this we needed to better understand the needs and sleeping habits of our clients,” explains Nadia Snyman, Marketing Manager of The Bed Shop.

The survey showed that 80%, or 1359 of the 1690, of the participants felt ‘tired and unrested in the morning’ and nearly 40% said that their ‘poor sleep troubled them in general’. These findings are in accordance with recent studies that have found a rising problem in sleep quality. The bottom line is many South Africans are feeling sleep deprived which can have serious ramifications on our economy and quality of life.

According to the National Sleep Foundation in America, around forty-seven million adults don’t receive restorative sleep at night. Restorative sleep or non-REM sleep is the third stage of the sleep cycle and responsible for memory consolidation and information processing.

What happens, in layman terms, is that our bodies basically go into shutdown mode during this cycle; our brain waves slow down, breathing and heart rate also decreases, and muscles relax. It is believed that the body uses this period of down time to reset itself and it’s responsible for making us feel rested and awake when our alarm goes off in the morning.

Sleep deprivation can cause an increase in injury and a decrease in productivity. It has also been linked to many illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. As a whole, sleep impacts the overall quality of our life, both in the long and short term and ultimately our economy and health system.

40% of respondents noted that they struggled with sleep seven days a week, while 30% noted there was a moderate chance of ‘falling asleep during the daytime without intending to or that they would struggle to stay awake while they were doing things’.

Dynamic Bedding (Pty) Ltd is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier to The Bed Shop network. Dynamic Bedding locally produces their own range of affordable quality beds that incorporate the latest technology and international specifications.

One of their core focus areas is producing custom products for all segments of the market according to their required specifications. As a result of studies like these, Dynamic Bedding and The Bed Shop are able to better translate and understand the needs and habits of South Africans into the design and production of their mattresses.

We spend one third of our lives sleeping. That one third impacts every aspect of the other two thirds, whether it’s work, driving or spending time with family. Shouldn’t we start paying more attention to our quality of sleeping? The Bed Shop offers customers the convenience and freedom to customise their beds and mattresses to best fit their busy and demanding lifestyle.

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