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With the launch of the DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care rebrand, comes the launch of not just one, but two new additions to the DermaFix range of products, the DermaFix LipFix and DermaFix Hand ResQ.

DermaFix LipFix

Perfect your selfie pout with the new DermaFix LipFix, an easy to use formulation with an active blend of Lip Perfecting and Plumping Technology, improving the appearance of fine lines around the lip area whilst providing the area with the necessary skin hydration and protection.

Regular use of DermaFix LipFix adds natural definition to the lips, enhancing both the natural shape and colour of the lip, whilst furthermore offering gradual lip plumping benefits.

The addition of SPF20 High UVA / UVB protection helps to protect the lip area against further environmental damage and exposure.

Included in the DermaFix LipFix formulation are the following ingredients:

  • Cocoa Seed Butter: offers skin healing benefits for dry and chapped lips
  • Mango Seed Butter: contains Vitamins A and C, providing anti-oxidant protection against environmental stressors. Rich in essential fatty acids, essential for skin nourishment and repair
  • Coconut Oil: renowned for its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, this key ingredient helps to improve skin healing benefits whilst boosting skin hydration
  • Brassica Alba Sprout Extract: a purified extract of organic mustard spouts, which gradually increases lip volume with regular use over time


Recommend retail from R180.00

DermaFix Hand ResQ

Hold hydration in the palm of your hand with new DermaFix Hand ResQ. Targeting skin in need of moisture restoration, DermaFix Hand ResQ is a fast-absorbing non-greasy formulation that provides the skin with unmatched hydration, improving dry and ageing skin concerns on the hands.

The skin is left feeling smoother and rehydrated, with a visible improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. DermaFix Hand ResQ reduces Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), keeping the hands feeling moisturised for longer. The inclusion of SPF 20 provides High UVA / UVB protection against the harmful effects of environmental exposure that contributes greatly towards the breakdown of collagen and elastin within the skin.

Not only targeting the health of the skin, DermaFix Hand ResQ also strengthens and improves moisture binding capabilities on the nail plate and as a result, improves the flexibility of the nail whilst furthermore improving concerns of hang nails and hydrating the cuticle of the nail bed.

Included in the DermaFix Hand ResQ formulation are the following ingredients:

  • Shea Butter: provides anti-inflammatory and skin smoothing benefits. Shea Butter has long had the reputation of being a superior moisturiser
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin: replenishes skin moisture levels whilst conditioning the nail, protecting the skin and improving skin elasticity
  • Soluble Collagen: offers water binding capabilities whilst combatting fine lines and wrinkles, improving the texture and appearance of the skin
  • Vitamin E: preserves the skins moisture, improving dry, rough and damaged skin. It furthermore increases enzyme activity, promoting wound healing benefits and the prevention of premature ageing.


Recommended retail from R270.00

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