Deluxe Laser & Spa: The Trials and Tribulations of Waxing Vs Laser Hair Removal


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You know that scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin when Steve Carell’s character decides to get his chest de-haired? Well that’s as accurate as it comes to the reality of getting waxed. There is definitely pain. There is a great deal of swearing (if not outwardly, than inwardly). And as Daniel Day-Lewis once said, there may be blood.

Waxing is not particularly pleasant – especially when it involves sensitive areas such as the underarm and bikini line – but a lot of people do opt for it over shaving and hair removal creams as it is quicker and tends to last longer. Still, heading to your local beauty salon to get a wax isn’t without its drawbacks…

The Pain

When they say that ‘this might hurt a little’ they really mean ‘this will hurt a lot and you will wish that you could cry stop but there will be a stranger in the room and you probably won’t want to lose face.’ The sensation is akin to someone trying to rip off your skin (not that we know what that’s like but we reckon it’s similar enough). Even though there are many trials, tribulations and traumas associated with shaving, waxing is even more uncomfortable, and most of us would love a pain-free, effective alternative, available from their local clinic or spa.

We want to have smooth and silky skin, but we don’t need to go through such torture to get it, so a simple and pain-free option is something that should give us some much more pleasant thoughts.

The Wax

It’s sticky and hot – a combination that really doesn’t work unless you’re dealing with delicious chicken wings or barbecue ribs (apologies for making your stomach growl). The wax literally ends up everywhere and if you get some on your clothes, you may as well kiss the rest of the day goodbye because you’ll be scrubbing the garment for hours. On a few occasions, we’ve also concluded that the person doing the wax hasn’t bothered to check the temperature, which can be a little uncomfortable.

Having hair removed from your body is a personal and sensitive thing to do, so being comfortable has got to be a big consideration, as is knowing that the treatment is using the very best products available.

The Results

Waxing, for all the pain it involves, can be a little unpredictable in terms of getting rid of all of the hair. And really, what is the point of putting yourself through that unless the desired effect is achieved? That’s right, there is no point. Furthermore, waxing can be annoying in terms of when it grows back. It usually lasts between three to six weeks (depending on the individual), which is grand for your break away if you time it just right. There’s also the annoying fact that you have to grow your hair before you go for a wax. As far as we know, nobody on the planet really wants to not shave their legs for weeks on end in preparation.

We want our hair removal to be quick and easy, but most importantly, effective. After all, you are paying for a specific result, and with the waxing cost, you want to be able to see it work, not just for a day, but for years to come. That’s where laser hair removal is again a great alternative to shaving or waxing, because it is a permanent hair removal process.

The Risks

Unfortunately, ingrown hairs are part and parcel of the waxing experience. There are a few steps you can take to try to prevent them, including exfoliating regularly and wearing loose clothing, but there is no guarantee. Waxing can also lead to skin irritation and possibly even infection. In other words, it’s not exactly what you want before a special occasion, weekend away or summer holiday. You want to know what you can expect with a course of treatments that gradually work towards completely smooth skin, so you can know for certain when to time it just right to look your best for that big event.

The Plucking

This stage comes after it has been discovered what the waxing missed. Again, you feel every single tweak no matter how quickly the salon employee attempts to pull them out. Cue white knuckles from clenching onto the chair and droplets of sweat dripping down your face from the tension that is coursing through your body and subsequently makes the plucking worse. We’re starting to think that whoever created the concept of waxing is mean.

Laser Hair Removal as an alternative…

Of course, there are alternatives to waxing, including the Laser Hair Removal options at Deluxe Laser & Spa.

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