Filorga Introduces their NEW Flash-Nude Makeup Range


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Drawing from their renowned anti-ageing skincare expertise, Filorga has developed their first makeup range.

New Flash-Nude Fluid and Flash-Nude Powder active makeup instantly improves and enhances the appearance upon application, whilst at the same time providing a host of anti-ageing ingredients to improve skin quality over the long term.


Provides a flawless bare-skin effect, leaving the skin looking radiant and even in a flash, whilst also providing long-term, anti-ageing multi-correction.

Adjustable Cover Technology

  • “Skin-Fusion” micro-pigments enhance the complexion in a buildable manner – the ultra-fluid texture allows the fluid can be applied in a thin layer for light, sheer coverage or applied in a thicker layer for more intense coverage. The liquid immediately fuses to the skin leaving it instantly even, illuminated and eliminating dark spots and redness.

Long-term Multi-Correction – Smoothing + Radiance + Evenness

  • Filorga’s patented NCEF polyrevitalising formula contains 50 active ingredients to nourish the dermis and stimulate cell growth, thereby improving skin quality and radiance.
  • Hexylresorcinol, a botanical active ingredient renowned for its antioxidant and brightening properties, inhibits melanin synthesis and reduces pigmentation spots by as much as 60% after 8 weeks of daily application.
  • An SPF30 filter provides powerful UVA and UVB protection whilst Niacinaminde protects against urban pollution and fine particles by increasing the lifespan of exposed cells and strengthening the skin barrier.

Flash-Nude Fluid is an liquid, breathable, brightening foundation.

It is non-comedogenic and is currently available in two-shades: Nude Beige and Nude Gold.

For best coverage, it may be dabbed onto blemishes and areas of redness until the texture fuses to conceal them. Add some texture and sweep from centre of face to outside edges to even out.


Provides an instant, flawless, bare-skin effect whilst enhancing the skin texture, evenness and radiance in the long term.

Perfection in a Flash

  • Perfecting micro-silica instantly blurs away unevenness, mattifies the skin and unifies the complexion.
  • Highly moisturising hyaluronic acid provides an anti-dryness finish for a “zero-mask” effect.

Long-term Multi-correction – Skin Texture + Evenness + Radiance

  • An ultra-regenerating marine exopolysaccharide improves the skin’s natural cell renewal for complete skin renewal, resulting in smoother skin texture, tightened pores and a more luminous complexion.
  • A botanical complex of Sunflower and Tara Tannins provides a powerful antioxidant effect, protecting the skin cells by reducing the presence and effects of free radicals that are induced by infrared and blue light.
  • Moringa seed proteins from the “Tree of Life” act as a protective film to limit the adhesion of pollution particles.

Flash-Nude Powder has a breathable, ultra-fine, silky texture.

It is non-comedogenic and comes in a universal shade, giving the skin a matte finish regardless of skin tone.

For best application, use the brush to sweep powder lightly over the whole face from the centre working outwards. Reapply to the T-zone, forehead and chin to refresh the complexion during the day.

Commenting on the new makeup range, Filorga Medical Advisor Dr. Riekie Smit says,” Filorga’s new Flash Nude Fluid and Powder are so much more than just a foundation and powder. Not only do they provide excellent coverage, resulting in a beautiful, glowing complexion, but they both contain some powerful anti-ageing ingredients that help to enhance the skin quality and appearance in the long-term.”

Where to buy?

Available from October 2018. 

Available at doctors’ rooms, clinics, spas and selected Edgars and Red Square stores nationwide.

For a full list of stockists visit or contact 012 548 0725. 

How much does it cost?

Recommended retail price:

  • Flash Nude Fluid – R 520.00 (30ml)
  • Flash Nude Powder – R 520.00

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