Inside the Latest A2 Magazine Issue 27 – Spring 2018


CURRENT Issue 27 – September 2018 (Spring)

As always, we bring out four issues a year, one at the beginning of each season…

  • March (autumn)
  • June (winter)
  • September (spring)
  • December (summer)

At A2 Magazine, we believe aesthetics and anti-ageing are more than just a few injectable treatments. It’s the whole package – a healthy outlook on life (a smile makes you seem younger and more attractive), what you put out is what you receive back in return, healthy skin (this forms the basis of everything), a healthy body, healthy hair and so on. All the external treatments and procedures must add to and compliment these.

Which is why our print magazine and blog both cover the following sections:

  1. The Aesthetic Report (aesthetic treatments and procedures, injectables, treatments)
  2. Anti-Ageing & Integrative Medicine (a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, hormone balance etc)
  3. Skin Sense (focusing on your skin, skin concerns, treatments, procedures and products to use)
  4. Dental Techniques (interesting info and options in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry)
  5. And lastly, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery (touching on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options whether they are for cosmetic or medical reasons)

We cover varying topics within each of the above sections in every print magazine, plus regularly update our blog,, with information in-between magazines. So be sure to never miss an edition and check in regularly with us on the blog and social media.

Happy reading with us in this beautiful new season!

In this issue…

Integrative Medicine, Wellness & Health

  • Mastering blood sugar control – because our bodies are not designed to metabolise carbohydrates very well, we should be minimising our intake, writes Dr Sly Nedic.
  • The ADHD-Bipolar Connection – Mandy Collins finds out how these two psychiatric conditions may be linked in some people.
  • Are you ‘Inflamm-ageing’? Lifestyle factors, oral supplements and specialised treatments all play key roles in the prevention and management of chronic inflammation, by Dr Maurits Kruger.
  • Decoding your DNA – how analyzing your personal genetic make-up aids in the detection and prevention of health issues, as well as advising on what lifestyle habits to adopt. A sponsored review by Michelle Pauli.

The Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Report

  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder… or is it? According to a recent ISAPS survey, 82% of surgeons state that a celebrity’s look had influenced their surgery numbers. So what features do these celebs have that everyone seems to covet? By Dr Anushka Reddy.
  • Two in One: Facial Rejuvenation through a Thread Lift and Collagen Stimulator Combo. Dr Gerhard van Niekerk takes a look at how combining the revolutionary thread-lift procedure with collagen stimulators can further boost rejuvenation.
  • Come Undone: Rise of the Nip/Tuck Removal – is the removal of unwanted treatments as straightforward as it reportedly seems? And what is the true cost? Dr Riekie Smit elaborates
  • The Synergistic Effect – why combining aesthetic procedures with a comprehensive approach with integrative medical interventions can obtain superior cosmetic results, by Dr Sly Nedic.
  • How PRP can fix damage caused to ethnic hair – Dr Portia Gumede discusses how PRP therapy can be an effective and less costly alternative to treating traction alopecia.
  • From Doctor’s Mouth to Patient’s Ear – what medical professionals want you to know before embarking on a cosmetic procedure, by Paola Chellew.



Skin Sense: Anti-Ageing Skin Strategies & Health

  • Cream of the Crop – a choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime.
  • The Skin Doctor: A Dermatologist’s Approach to Acids in Skincare – Dr Lev Naidoo provides answers to patients’ most frequently asked questions about the different acids in skincare and how best to use them.
  • Boosting Your Skin’s Hydration – Christina Bowman discusses why a skin boosting procedure is the go-to treatment for replenishing moisture.
  • Age-defying Hands – how the regenerative aesthetic procedure that is platelet-rich plasma therapy, can be used as an effective treatment modality in the rejuvenation of ageing hands, by Dr Elfrieda Fourie and Dr Reza Mia.
  • The Human Microbiome – the skin is the human body’s largest organ and should be looked at as a complex ecosystem, writes Dr Judey Pretorius.



Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Update

  • Shaping the Face of the Future – is social media driving plastic surgery? By Sally Harvey.
  • Wrapping Up – the importance of wearing compression garments post-surgical procedures to help get the best possible post-op results, by Dr Alexandra Grubnik.

Dental Techniques

  • Ribbon of Pink: Treating the ‘Gummy Smile’ – an overview of innovative dental aesthetic techniques for gingival recontouring, by Dr Norman A Cahi and Dr Chelsea Cahi.
  • Lip Service – how the identification and incorporation of a cosmetic dental treatment can really enhance a facial makeover, by Dr Maryam Dawjee.

Also, in this issue…

  • Meet the Team: A2’s Expert Panel and Contributors
  • At a Glance: Industry Event Snippets
  • The Aesthetic Masters Journal Club: A Meeting of Minds
  • Premium Classifieds

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