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Hyperpigmentation is the term given used to denote the skin going darker beyond that which is considered genetically normal for the individual involved. We often hear of ways to target and improve on hyperpigmentation on the face, but very seldom do we know what to do when this concern affects areas of the body.

DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care has the solution for the targeted improvement of body-related hyperpigmentation.

With the exception of  ‘sun tanners’, the skin tone on the body is normally a few shades lighter than on the face. This is primarily due to the skin not being exposed to the sun.

There are however, factors which may exacerbate the formation of pigment on the body.

These factors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Unprotected sun exposure – any form of unprotected or prolonged sun exposure will trigger the formation of pigment as UVA/UVB causes inflammation within the skin and stimulates pigment production. The effects of sun exposure may especially be noticed on the hands as, very often, the hands are directly exposed to the sun while driving.
  • Use of harsh soaps – the majority of us will make use of foaming body washes and soap bars. Generally, these are alkaline in nature, stripping the skin of vital moisture, causing irritation and leading to an impaired skin barrier.
  • Perfumes and chemical antiperspirants – often hidden in body cream formulations, these ingredients may often irritate the skin, causing inflammation which exacerbates the production of pigment and in turn leads to darkened areas.  Fragrances may furthermore cause the skin to become more sun-sensitive, meaning that one tends to burn easier whilst in the sun.
  • Hormonal fluctuations – hormonal fluctuations and changes, as with pregnancy or use of contraceptive pill, can cause the formation of a type of hyperpigmentationknown as melasma or chloasma. This is particularly common among women, and it is thought to occur when the female reproductivehormones, oestrogen and progesterone, stimulate the overproduction of melanin when skin is exposed to the sun. Certain illnesses such as Addison’s disease and Cushing syndrome may also interfere with the endocrine system, in turn causing hormonal changes and contributing to the formation of hyperpigmentation.

DermaFix Solutions for Body Hyperpigmentation

Forming good skincare habits alongside use of the correct products may show improvement across most forms of hyperpigmentation.

The NEW DermaFix UltraBright is a fast-acting brightener that offers visible results in a short period of time.

Working to inhibit the formation of melanin (pigment), DermaFix UltraBright may be used daily on all areas of body hyperpigmentation including the hands, elbows, knees and underarms.

For improved results, use DermaFix Brightening Cleanser customised with the inclusion of DermaFix UltraXFoliant as an alternative to traditional body washes and soaps, prior to the application of DermaFix UltraBright.

As the sun plays a primary role in the formation of pigment in the skin, making use of a high UVA/UVB sun protection product, like DermaShield SPF50, is imperative for daily use on all sun-exposed areas of the body including hands and arms.

What does is cost?

Recommended retail price from R630.00

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