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The Wesson Therapeutics range of products has been supplied to plastic surgeons and oncologists for more than 20 years.

Due to industry demand, this range has recently been made available through leading MediSpas and Skin Care Clinics across Southern Africa.

The product development specialist for the brand, a full member of the Cosmetic Chemists Association of South Africa (Coschem), has always had a special interest in the healing processes of the skin and this has been the inspiration behind the development of the range, which specialises in all types of compromised skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.

Resurfacing Balm

Plastic surgeons began recommending the Resurfacing Balm as early as 1995, as the ideal after-care product following plastic surgery, laser and peel treatments to speed up the epithelization process of the epidermis. Oncologists, too, found this product to be extremely effective in the treatmentof post-radiation skin sensitivity.

A randomised double-blind study was conducted on 50 oncology patients in the late 1990’s by a final-year oncology student.  This study confirmed the outstanding effectiveness of this formulation. The Resurfacing Balm is also highly effective for the care of abrasions, donor sites, and slow-healingwounds.

Intensive Scar Repair

The Intensive Scar Repair – another item in the Wesson Therapeutics range – is ideal for the treatment of surgical scars. This formulation, with its convenient roll-on applicator, contains tried and tested phyto-actives that help stimulate cellular renewal and promote the healing of scar tissue.

Ozone Balm

A more recent addition to the range, the Ozone Balm, is highly effective in reducing the discomfort associated with post-operative bruising.  The formulation increases oxygenation of the underlying tissue and assists in promoting more rapid healing of the skin following surgical procedures.

What’s in the products?

The formulations in the range incorporatephyto-actives at the highest therapeutic index to deliver optimal results.

Furthermore, the formulations are free of mineral oil, silicones, parabens as well as formaldehyde-donor preservatives. Artificial fragrance and colourants have also been excluded.

The range does not contain animal-derives, nor are the products tested on animals

Where to buy?

The Wesson Therapeutics range is available from leading skin care clinics, laser clinics, and medi-spas.

For your nearest stockist, or to become a stockist, call 021 801 4823 or email info@wessontherapy.co.za

Website: www.wessontherapy.co.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wessontherapeutics

Instagram: www.instagram.com/wesson.therapeutics


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