BABOR SKINOVAGE – The Age-Preventing Skincare System the Epigenetic Way


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The main active ingredient in the new SKINOVAGE range is based on the groundbreaking insights gained from epigenetics research.

This has revealed that our genes do not determine everything. Only about 30 percent of the aging process is genetically predetermined. The remaining 70 percent can be influenced – by our lifestyle, our diet and, of course, by the right skincare. If we succeed in keeping the good cell characteristics activated for longer, the cells are strengthened, and we age more slowly.

And that is precisely where BABOR’s SKINOVAGE concept comes into its own. The EpigenTech Power Peptide, which is contained in every SKINOVAGE product, ensures that the genetic information that is responsible for retaining the youthfulness of the skin can be utilized for longer. The skin cells stay youthful and active for longer – and strong cells beautify the skin.

SKINOVAGE is an intelligent skincare system based on highly effective formulations. It provides solutions for the daily care of the specific skin type (which is genetically determined) and the skin condition (which is environmentally induced).

BABOR has therefore the following SKINOVAGE ranges to address the different skin requirements:

  • MOISTURIZING– for dry skin
    • The SKINOVAGE MOISTURIZING range with intensely moisturizing active ingredients and selected lipids is designed for the care of dry, flaky and unpleasantly tight skin. The DEEP MOIST extract, which is composed of corn starch and beetroot, instantly increases the skin’s moisture content, with long-lasting effect, and increases the concentration of natural moisturizing factors (NMFs) in the skin. After just one application, this synergetic plant complex also raises moisture levels and retains them over a period of 24 hours.
  • CALMING– for sensitive skin
    • Skin can be sensitive by nature, but it can also become sensitive in the course of a lifetime – as a result of environmental factors or personal lifestyle. The SKINOVAGE CALMING range soothes the skin, boosts its resilience and reduces its tendency to become hypersensitive. INTENSIVE CALM extract, an active extract of Albatrellus ovinus (sheep polypore) quicklyreduces irritations and calms the skin, making it less prone to hypersensitive reactions. As the formulas are designed for sensitive skin, they do not contain colorants.
  • BALANCING– for combination skin
    • The SKINOVAGE BALANCINGrange is specially designed to meet the complex needs of combination skin. When skin is dull with dry patches and at the same time has shiny areas and enlarged pores, it poses challenging problems that require flexible skincare solutions. SEBUCON, an active complex with milk proteins and vitamins, rebalances lipid and moisture levels in the skin, improves sebum flow in dry areas of the face and simultaneously reduces excessive sebum production in oily areas, thus minimizing shine. Natural biopolymers and pullulan cover the skin like an invisible micro-plaster, regulate the skin’s moisture content, form a moisture reservoir and prevent dehydration.
  • PURIFYING– for oily, blemished skin
    • When skin is prone to blemishes, irritations and unevenness, the SKINOVAGE PURIFYING skincare system with effective products designed to combat blemishes and refine the complexion is the ideal solution. The SUPER PURE extract, which is composed of triterpenes of Centella asiatica, helps to reduce existing blemishes and can prevent new ones from forming. The extract regulates sebum flow, balances the skin flora and combats the unpleasant bacteria that cause spots. In addition, rice starch lends the skin a more even and more matte appearance. PURIFYING products are effective against blemishes and also counteract the progressive loss of elasticity and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • VITALIZING– for tired skin
    • At times, skin can look jaded, tired and dull. Emotional strain and stress create problems for the skin, which then lacks the strength to defend itself against harmful environmental factors such as UV radiation and blue light. The SKINOVAGE VITALIZING range employs the concentrated power of active ingredients to revitalize exhausted, stressed skin and support all its regenerative and cell renewal processes. The ENERGY Plus Complex of ATP, algin and papaya extract stimulates cellular metabolism and skin renewal, and regulates epidermal moisture levels as a basic requirement for important skin functions. The Blue Light Protect Complex contains cocoa peptides, saccharides and polyphenols and acts as a radical quencher, protecting the skin against digital aging, UV radiation and blue light. Used regularly, it can create smooth out unevenness in the complexion. In addition, the finest clay mineral flakes in the PerfectionComplex create an optical blurring effect, and thus lends the skin surface a more even appearance.

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