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The new optiphi® DELTA Medical Skincare range was exclusively designed for medical professionals to deliver effective, personalised skincare solutions that contribute towards optimal and sustainable skin results.

There is a new, exciting and proudly South African product range on the global skincare stage: optiphi® DELTA Medical Skincare.

This interventional skincare range was exclusively designed for dermatologists, aesthetic practitioners and plastic surgeons  to contribute towards optimal and sustainable skin results before, during or after an aesthetic treatment, but can also be utilised for stand-alone procedures for skin rejuvenation purposes.

Renowned skin expert Dr Markus Depfenhart is behind the development and innovations of optiphi® DELTA, whose formulations include many new active ingredients that were collaboratively developed with the experienced optiphi® R&D team led by Leandri van der Wat.

optiphi® DELTA conceptually provides for individualised skincare utilising non-individualised products, through making use of an innovative patented facial assessment system (MSC Codes™ – Medical Skin Care codes – also developed by Dr Depfenhart)by which the signs of ageing in the face are quantified.

The optiphi® DELTA products are provided with corresponding codes to quantify the effects of actives contained in each product, which allows the practitioner to select the product that matches the skin’s requirements as represented by the skin code score in a scientific way.

The quantification of actives in a product furthermore offers the unique opportunity for optiphi® to consistently and transparently effect product improvements and upgrades, as soon as new research becomes available. This obviates the need for the often confusing introduction of new products.

A new language

The MSC Codes™ and the corresponding product codes define a new language between medical practitioner and patient, and assists doctors to make meaningful, quick treatment recommendations for reproducible results according to visible indicators such as redness, dryness, wrinkling, sagging and loss of volume.

Genetic predispositions are also scored. This allows for a standardised way to compare progress, outcomes and treatments. Different practitioners can speak the same language and the coding provides a new and valuable instrument for aesthetic treatments.

The MSC Codes™system also helps aesthetic practitioners to motivate for surgical and non-surgical interventional treatments, as it clearly identifies the problems of the patient.

It matches daily skincare topical treatments to improve long-term skin results, and helps patients to understand what motivated, as well as what to expect from, the recommended treatment.

DNA testing

In using the MSC Codes™ alongside an optiphi® DELTA DNA Skin Test, a personalised treatment can be quickly determined by the medical practitioner.

This skin test presently studies 18 gene variations in the categories of firmness and elasticity; sun sensitivity and pigmentation, sun damage, protection and repair; protection from oxidative stress; detoxification, skin sensitivity and inflammation. optiphi® uses an advanced algorithm to assign an ‘intrinsic’ DELTA code to these DNA test results.

Skin analysis

During the skin analysis, the face is divided into five zones, each analysed according to the four skin characteristics. This provides a final MSC™status quo code that indicates the patient’s skin priorities and leads to an individualised treatment plan.

The systematic zone-by-zone approach anatomically distinguishes between areas of concern, allowing for the use of different products or other aesthetic treatments in these areas.

By comparing the skin’s ‘status quo’ code to the ‘intrinsic’ code, the impact of the extrinsic lifestyle influences is determined. Since the extrinsic factors can be controlled, the physician can determine and recommend a personalised treatment strategy.

As a result, for the first time, the intrinsic and extrinsic contributions to the skin can be disentangled, which greatly benefits the practitioner by advising the choice of an interventional treatment or skin-specific optiphi® DELTA topical product.

With this ingeneous approach, the DELTA Medical Skincare product range is set to individualise skincare and take the world market by storm.

Written by Dr. Markus Depfenhart and Leandri van der Wat

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