DermaFix Science-Centric Icons and What They Mean


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DermaFix Cosmeceutical Skin Care has a new visual identity as a transformative skin care pioneer. This includes ‘science-centric icons’, each indicating a key area of focus for a healthy skin, providing uncomplicated, active result driven products.

  1. Barrier Repair – Ceramide Complex, Dermal Repair and ACC Hyaluronic

Our natural skin barrier is an incredible thing! It locks in moisture, keeping our complexions moisturised and ensuring that our skin remains supple and protected. A disruption in this balance resultsin the skins inability to retain water, leading to dry and flaky skin. This lack of protection also means that irritants, allergens and bacteria can make their way into the skin resulting in itching, infection and potential inflammation.

  1. UVA/UVB Protection – DermaShield SPF40/50

Radiation triggers free-radical and oxidation damage which in turn causes collagen to break down wrinkling the skin, weakening elastin so that skin sags, and bringing about unsightly hyperpigmentation and resultant photoageing. Using a sunscreen in your daily skin care routine is an essential step in protecting your skin against cancer.

  1. Cell-to-Cell Communication – MD Prescriptives Vitamin A Propionate

Products assisting to improve chronological ageing are becoming the buzz within anti-ageing skin care products. One of the solutions to prolonging chronological ageing is the support of Cell-to-Cell Communication, improving cellular vitalization with the application of MD Prescriptives Vitamin A Propionate.

  1. Age Defying Formulations – DeCeLeRate, Collagen Conformer and Regenerate Rx

We all want more powerful products, more powerful protection and ultimately more powerful results. Skin care products are aimed primarily at anti-ageing, comprising of the latest technology and active key ingredients for the boosting of growth factors, collagen and elastin production within the skin.

  1. Cellular Defense – Ferulic + C + E, Vitamin C Serum, MD Prescriptives DNA Protection

Pollution is a growing concern that has been shown to contribute to the breakdown of anti-oxidant defenses in the skin, therefore leading to skin ageing. A daily application of a topical anti-oxidant serum before sunscreen application starts to become a necessity in protecting the skin.

  1. Intensive Wound Healing – Intensive Scar Repair, ACC Copper and ACC Tranexamic

Wounds are areas of fibrous tissue that replace and restore normal tissue continuity after injury. A scar results as a natural part of wound healing in the skin and other tissue within the body.Ensuring wound closure and promoting normal ‘basket-weave’ formation is key to attenuating scar tissue formation.

  1. Oil Control Complexes – Vitamin B Cream, Acne Solutions, DermaBright (Mandelic) and ACC Vitamin C Gel

The majority of individuals experience problematic skin at some point. These concerns can range between clogged pores, oiliness, breakouts, pustular lesions to acne flare-ups; and may especially be noticed during times of puberty, seasonal change, hormonal fluctuations, high stress and lifestyle changes. Despite a busy lifestyle, one should always incorporate a basic routine to improve skin health and help to keep these concerns under control.

  1. Skin Brightening Technologies – MelanoDerm, Brightening Cleanser (Kojic), UltraBright (Alpha Arbutin), ACC Vitamin C, DermaBright (Mandelic), DermaShield SPF 40/50

As skin becomes damaged, or affected by hormones, the body can produce too much melanin, dispersing it unevenly, resulting in dark patches on the surface of the skin. This increase of melanin is a result of inflammation within the skin and an overexposure to the sun.

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