Two in One: Facial Rejuvenation Through Thread Lift and Collagen Stimulator Combo


Dr Gehard van Niekerk takes a look at how combining the revolutionary thread-lift procedure with facial collagen stimulators can further boost rejuvenation, while resulting in a significantly younger, natural-looking appearance.

While there are many outward changes that occur all over the body as we get older, none of them are more visible than on the face. Here the ageing process reveals itself in many ways, with the most obvious and familiar complaints being wrinkles and sagging skin.

This is what drives the aesthetic industry to constantly invent and develop new treatment modalities to combat facial ageing.  In more recent years however, aesthetic medicine has evolved where it’s no longer looking at merely correcting the tell-tale ageing signs of ageing – but to enhance one features as well by contouring, shaping and rejuvenating.

A good example of this revolutionised approach is a new combination procedure that involves the use of bi-directional cone sutures along with collagen stimulators.

How is the treatment performed?

The combined procedure is performed in surgery under local anesthetic.  The cone sutures are inserted through a central entry point. The mobile part of the face is then fixated with one leg of the cone suture, and anchored with the other leg of the cone suture into the stable, more fibrous zone of the face.

This is followed by the collagen inducing stimulators being injected, either under the skin or on a deep level under the muscle (much how normal dermal fillers are administered).

How does it work?

The bi-directional cone suture is inserted in the sub-dermal fat layer. Each small cone has a knot in front as well as behind the cone. Once inserted, the cones slide onto the knot at the back, enabling the cone to grasp the tissue, which in turn, incrementally compresses and elevates the sub-dermal fat layer.

In this manner, the mechanical action of the cone suture technology allows the treating doctor the capability to elevate the jowl, brow or neck tissue, upwards and backwards.

Futhermore, since the cone sutures are made mainly out of polylactic acid, they’re able to stimulate the body to produce natural Type I collagen all along the cones and sutures. And while the cones and sutures dissolve after two years, the collagen stimulation lasts much longer.

Material break-down

The bio-stimulator contains a chemical (30% polycrapolactone), which is encapsulated in small micro-beads (25-50um) that are suspended in a carrier gel (70% CMC gel).  Once injected, the carrier gel gives an immediate volumising result that subsides over a three month period.

Meanwhile, the polycaprolactone stimulates the fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin, which restructures the collapsed scaffolding of the aged skin and sub-dermal tissue. This collagen and elastin reproduction capability of the bio-stimulator filler ensures a natural, refreshed and rejuvenated appearance of the overlying skin.


By combining the cone sutures and the collagen stimulators, the physician is able to reposition, re-volumise and redermalise the sagged tissue and overlying skin to create a multi-dimensional contoured and sculpted, long lasting youthful appearance.

As for the softening of deep facial lines and wrinkles (as well as the correction of undefined jawlines), this can be achieved by addressing the underlying causes of ageing, i.e

  • Bone resorption and remodeling
  • Collagen and elastin break-up/ deterioration
  • Muscle tone loss and atrophy
  • Fat loss and re-distribution

Ideal Candidates

This combination procedure is ideal for addressing all the causes of ageing, such as sagging in the midface and flabbiness of the skin.

This article was written by Dr Gerhard van Niekerk and sponsored by Genop Healthcare. Contact Genop for more information on their brands of collagen stimulators and threads offered by trained doctors in South Africa. 

A reminder that brand names of these collagen stimulators and threads have been omitted due to medical regulations in South Africa whereby we are unable to publicly mention brand names of certain devices, injectables and scheduled medicines. For more information, ask your doctor. 


A2 Disclaimer: This article is published for information purposes only and should therefore not be regarded as a replacement for sound medical advice. Always discuss with your doctor before considering treatments. 

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