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CURRENT Issue 28 – December 2018 (Summer)

As always, we bring out four issues a year, one at the beginning of each season…

  • March (autumn)
  • June (winter)
  • September (spring)
  • December (summer)

At A2 Magazine, we believe aesthetics and anti-ageing are more than just a few injectable treatments. It’s the whole package – a healthy outlook on life (a smile makes you seem younger and more attractive), what you put out is what you receive back in return, healthy skin (this forms the basis of everything), a healthy body, healthy hair and so on. All the external treatments and procedures must add to and compliment these.

Which is why our print magazine and blog BOTH cover the following sections:

  1. The Aesthetic Report (aesthetic treatments and procedures, injectables, treatments)
  2. Anti-Ageing & Integrative Medicine (a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, hormone balance etc)
  3. Skin Sense (focusing on your skin, skin concerns, treatments, procedures and products to use)
  4. Dental Techniques (interesting info and options in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry)
  5. And lastly, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery (touching on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery options whether they are for cosmetic or medical reasons)

We cover varying topics within each of the above sections in every print magazine, plus regularly update our blog,, with information in-between magazines. So be sure to never miss an edition and check in regularly with us on the blog and social media.

Happy reading with us in this beautiful new season!

In this issue…

Integrative Medicine, Wellness & Health

  • 50 Shades of Night… chronic insomnia is an under addressed yet crippling condition that affects a large percentage of the populace. DR SLY NEDIC looks at what exactly it is that might be keeping us up at night.
  • The Addiction You May Not Be Aware Of… smartphones have become such a big part of our lives, and are so incredibly useful, that we don’t necessarily notice that they may also be ruining our health and lives, by MANDY COLLINS.
  • Postpartum Anxiety: A Unique Problem Faced by Women. You’re not depressed, but you’re on edge and worried about having so much responsibility for this beautiful, helpless baby. If you’re experiencing some of these feelings, you are not alone, advises Dr SARA GOTTFRIED.
  • The Promise of Immortality – there is a view that medical technology will one day allow humans to control the ageing process and live healthily into our hundreds – or even thousands. DR TAMARA PHEIFFER expands on this notion and advises how we can live our best.

The Aesthetic Report

  • Managing the Tear Trough – DR RIEKIE SMIT gives us the low-down on how to manage and treat this concern under our eyes.
  • Beauty and Aesthetics Through the Eyes of the Millennial… with their openness and willingness to invest in their appearance from an early age, the millennial generation has changed the mind-set of how people see the aesthetics industry, by DR ANUSHKA REDDY.
  • Mooimaak Season 2: Behind the Scenes – the trendy TV show Mooimaak (a program produced by Marche Media which focuses on makeovers), is in its second season on kykNET and is a huge hit. PAOLA CHELLEW takes a closer look.
  • Can Salons Administer Injectables Without a Medical Practitioner? The prevailing industry, and legal sentiment, is that the administration and treatment of patients with botulinum toxin type A and dermal fillers should be viewed as medical treatments, by DR ALEK NIKOLIC.
  • A Refreshed You – embracing the natural look with facial injectables. DR SLY NEDIC imparts tips on how to refresh an ageing appearance with botulinum toxin and fillers, while still respecting the facial dynamics and retaining a natural look.

Skin Sense: Anti-Ageing Skin Strategies & Health

  • Uncovering Acne – DR JUDEY PRETORIUS unpacks the histology and physiology that underline acne.
  • Cream of the Crop – a choice selection of our favourite cosmeceutical products to add to your beauty regime.
  • Successfully Treating Darker Skins – different skin types require different care. DR PORTIA GUMEDE discusses the major concerns she faces when dealing with ethnic skins at her practice.
  • Anti-Ageing Skin Pearls – research in skincare has embraced a preventative, anti-ageing philosophy, where it now focuses on improving our understanding of the skin ageing exposome, by DR LEVASHNI NAIDOO.
  • Unpacking Photodynamic Therapy – you have been prescribed PDT or Photo Dynamic Therapy for the treatment of your skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions. So what exactly is this procedure and how does it work? DR DAGMAR WHITAKER explains.
  • Sun-sensitive? You need more than sunscreen to avoid sunburn. According to a new study, people with pale skin who are sensitive to the sun should use several sun protective behaviours to avoid sunburn, by Carolyn Crist.

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Update

  • Putting A Price on Beauty – SALLY HARVEY takes a look at the options available when it comes to financing plastic surgery procedures.
  • Meet Dr Gloria Tshukudu – 5 Minutes with South Africa’s first black female plastic surgeon.
  • Solutions for Sagging Skin and Jowls – DR RORY DOWER discusses various treatment options that assist in the combating of flabby jowls and wobbling wattles.
  • Bottoms up – Some people have opted for buttock enhancement surgery such as the Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve fuller cheeks. But are they worth the risks? AAQEELAH FLORIS explores this controversy.

Dental Techniques & Oral Health

  • Why Laser Dentistry Laser dentistry can be a precise and effective way to perform many dental procedures, writes DR WIM DE BEER.
  • Marrying Dentistry with Facial Aesthetics – DR ANJANA BHANA advises how to perfect the frame around a beautiful smile.
  • Bad Breath? The Problem Might Be Your Nose… wondering what might be causing your bad breath? Post nasal drip could be the culprit.

Also in this issue

  • Meet the Team: A2’s Expert Panel and Contributors
  • Survey Results: Trending Plastics
  • Research Findings: Curves in the Right Places
  • Doctor’s Read: A New Approach to Facial Injection Techniques
  • International News: Rise of the Non-Invasives
  • Premium Classifieds

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CURRENT Issue 28 – December 2018 (Summer)


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