Review by A2: AQ Solutions Growth Factor Rejuvenating Serum Treatment


What is it?

The AQ Solutions Growth Factor Rejuvenating Serum Treatment involves “stamping” the serum into the skin (another skin needling device can also be used).

It addresses skin concerns such as pigmentation, rough texture, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles and drastically improves the quality of your skin.

Treatment time is 30 to 45 mins and includes:

  • Numbing cream applied prior to treatment (this will extend the treatment time)
  • Cleansing
  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Alcohol swab is used to disinfect the area
  • AQ stamping in of serum (remaining serum is massaged into skin)
  • No other products are to be applied post treatment until the next day

Find out more about AQ Skin Solutions and their human growth factor technology on their website Explore the other AQ Solutions Products

Where did I have it?

I had the treatment done by Sister Mercy at Dr Natasha Chapman’s practice (Aesthetics on 5th) in Hyde Park, Johannesburg +27 (11) 788 7910 /

Contact AQ Solutions South Africa directly / to find a practitioner or advanced skin therapist offering these treatments and products near you in South Africa.

These treatments are to be done by trained medical professionals only!

Click on the slideshow below of Dr Natasha’s practice… 

What did it feel like?

I went gung-ho without anaesthetic, but numbing cream is advised as it can be quite painful.


My skin was very red afterward, but this reduced as the day went on. Some puffiness (especially around the eyes), but this is a good thing because inflammation is what gets the good stuff going.

My skin also felt tight and tingly, kind of like a sunburn.

Do not touch, wash or add anything to the face until the next day. Make-up wearing and exercise can resume as normal after two days. Staying indoors is a must for at least the rest of the day after treatment. This isn’t a lunchtime treatment – allow yourself the time to go home and heal in peace.

My healing time:

  • Day 1– skin was tight, some blood spots. Skin felt dry like it wanted to peel
  • Day 3 – skin started minimal peeling, with one or two remaining blood spots
  • Day 6 – skin was feeling fresh and amazing! Looked clear and bright

This is what my skin looked like minutes after treatment. Very red :) Those blood spots are from the stamp

Skin after a few hours

Skin the next day… you can still see some blood spots but nothing that a light BB cream couldn’t cover

How many treatments?

Three to four treatments are advised to start (with twice annual maintenance treatments). Plus, there’re at-home products available.

I’ve only had one treatment and really noticed a difference in the quality of my skin, so I could just imagine how additional treatments could benefit.

Who is it for?

Suitable for men, woman all skin types. Late twenties as prevention. Preferably for ageing concerns in more mature skins.

There’re also other skin, hair and intimate female rejuvenation treatments available for home and professional use.

Some other useful info?

  • Avoid dispirin (or other blood thinning agents) prior to treatment as this can cause you to bleed and bruise more than you normally would
  • Don’t take anti-inflammatories pre or post treatment
  • Don’t put any other products on your skin for 24 hours post treatment
  • Expect minimal flaking
  • Expect redness in your skin a few hours afterward
  • No washing the treatment area until the next day
  • Expect feelings of dryness and tightness in the skin
  • No makeup for two days
  • Expect to start seeing results after a few days to one-week post treatment
  • Use the topical at-home serums post treatment for better results
  • Try not to sleep on your side the first night. Sleeping on your back in these first hours will help to keep the blood circulation steady all over
  • Don’t go in the sun for a few days i.e. don’t have the treatment done the day before a beach vacay
  • Wait a month before other treatments EG lasers, peels, botulinum toxin, fillers (don’t overload your skin or face ever)
  • Explore the other AQ Solutions Products

How much does it cost?

You’d need to buy your own stamp once-off (it lasts for up to six treatments) which they will keep hygienically stored for you. Cost of stamp is roughly R900.

Per treatment cost is around R2800, buuuuuuuut I must stress that these are estimate prices only. It is important to enquire on exact pricing directly with your approved clinic.

Get the treatment

Contact AQ Solutions South Africa directly to find a practitioner or advanced skin therapist offering these products and treatments near you in South Africa…



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