Filorga Adds Night Cream to Time-Filler Anti-Wrinkle Range


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New Time-Filler Night Multi-Correction Wrinkle Cream

 Following on from the success of its ever-popular Time-Filler anti-wrinkle skincare range, Filorga now introduces new Time-Filler Night. The multi-correction wrinkle night cream joins the much-loved Time-Filler and Time-Filler Mat day creams, Time-Zero serum, Time-Filler Eyes and Time-Filler Mask.

As with Time-Filler, new Time-Filler Night has been formulated to act on the four main types of wrinkles whilst also containing powerful active ingredients, which have been formulated specifically to act on sleep wrinkles/pillow lines and night-time puffiness.

Tension or contraction wrinkles are caused by negative facial expressions due to tension, stress and fatigue and are found mainly on the forehead and around the eyes. Time-Filler Night contains a Botox-like hexapeptide, which limits muscle contractions and relaxes and immediately smoothes out frown lines, crow’s feet (eye wrinkles) and horizontal forehead wrinkles.

Deep wrinkles or wrinkles caused by sagging are related to the loss of density and structure of the skin, such as the lines along sides of the nose and the hollow tear trough under the eyes. The same plumping hyaluronic acid contained in Time-Filler is combined with collagen VII and XVII-boosting matrikines for a complementary action and complete treatment of the ageing dermis. Deep wrinkles are plumped and the skin is smoothed.

Surface wrinkles are caused by a reduction in cell renewal. A sea fennel extract acts likes a peel to smooth micro-cracks on the skin’s surface. This extract is combined with gluconolactone, an active ingredient used in gentle peeling treatments, which is ideal for maximising skin renewal during the night.

Wrinkles caused by dryness are apparent in the leathery skin around the eyes, forehead and on the cheeks. Imperata cylindricaroot extract acts as a water reservoir to plump the epidermis and erase wrinkles. This same extract is combined with vegetable oil to strengthen the skin’s barrier during the night to curb moisture loss.

Sleep wrinkles or pillow lines are caused by the loss of elasticity and tone of the skin. With age the interconnection process in the skin cells becomes less efficient and the skin accumulates abnormal elastin, which brings about a loss of elasticity. Dill extract is rich in tannins and boosts the synthesis of functional elastin, which stimulates the enzyme that is responsible for bringing about proper interconnections to block the formation of abnormal elastin. The skin recovers all its elasticity and therefore it’s “shape memory” abilities to prevent pillow marks.

Puffy features are caused by the decline in vessels of the lymph circulation system, which becomes sluggish allowing to toxins to accumulate and the skin becoming dull and puffy. Passiflora edulisextract is rich in flavonoids and has a double action – it increases the formation of lymph vessels and protects existing vessels against oxidative stress. As a result, it stimulates lymph drainage and boosts the skins microcirculation to eliminate toxins and decongest the skin providing a fresh and luminous complexion in the morning.

 Commenting on this latest addition to the Time-Filler range, Filorga’s International Medical Advisor, Dr. Riekie Smit says,Time-Filler Night is the perfect complement to Time-Filler as it provides even more powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients that are able to penetrate more deeply due to the enhanced permeability and repair function of the skin at night. In addition to this, Time-Filler Night contains a boosted night-time action designed specifically to treat sleep/pillow lines and puffy features that become much more difficult to combat with age.”

How to use?

For best anti-wrinkle results, Filorga’s Time-Filler Night should be used in the evening after cleansing and following the application of Time-Zero Multi-Correction Serum.

How much does it cost?

Recommended retail price: R1105 for 50ml and is available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores from 15th February 2019. 

Where to buy?

Available at doctors’ rooms, clinics, spas and selected Edgars and Red Square stores nationwide.

For a full list of stockists visit or contact 012 548 0725. 

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